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1897 Biography - Aaron Mossell

Mossell, Aaron. - The career of this gentleman furnishes another illustration of what may be accomplished in this free country by persevering industry combined with intelligence and enterprise in a given direction. Mr. Mossell was born in Baltimore, Md., March 7, 1824. In those days the children of colored families were not admitted to the public schools, consequently Mr. Mossell had but few opportunities for obtaining an education and the only schooling he ever received was at a night school which he attended after he attained his majority. The first money he ever earned was in the employ of Mr. Alexander Russell, in a brick yard in Baltimore. He was an industrious and hard working boy and soon gained the confidence of his employer with whom he remained for a period of fifteen years. In 1853 he removed to Hamilton, Ont., and engaged in the manufacture of brick on his own account, in which he was very successful; in 1865 he removed to Lockport, N. Y., and established himself in his present business; the plant embraces a vast yard, kilns, dryer, office, and covers about eight acres of ground and furnishes employment to from fifteen to twenty workmen. The finest collection of improved brick machinery is used, with a yearly capacity of 1,500,000 high grade brick. Mr. Mossell has had over fifty years experience in the manufacture of brick, and is recognized as an expert in his line. He was married in October, 1846, to Eliza, daughter of Nathan Bowers of Baltimore, and they had four children. Mrs. Abraham Denny, who resides in Princeton, N. J.; Dr. Nathan F., a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, and resides in Philadelphia, Pa.; Rev. Charles W., pastor of the A. M. E. church of Lockport, and Aaron A., an attorney of Philadelphia. In politics Mr. Mossell has always been a Republican, giving his party a loyal and active support. He and his family are regular attendants of the A. M. E. church, to which he contributes liberally. Mr. Mossell has led an active, earnest life, and ranks among the most distinguished and representative colored families of the State, and is esteemed by all who know him.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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