Niagara County


Town of Cambria

Budd - Northeast Union Cemetery Association--#6
East side of Budd Road, South of State Rte 104. In good condition, on land once owned by Andrew Budd. Dates from 1810: Reading done by Clara and Dorothy McCabe. GAR listing. Incorporated 1853. On 15 April 1903, a deed was contracted between Jasper Brown and Lices, his wife, and Elmer Budd (and others), acting as trustee for the Cemetery Association. Charles S. Lofler is first burial on 18th of September 1853.

South side of Lower Mountain Road on west bank. East of Thrall Road: poor condition. Reading of stones by D. Rolling and D. Jerge: no GAR stones left. Dates from 1812. About 100 sq ft in area on 1908 Map. Transaction granting land to Sylvester L. Dent from Seldon D. Reduran on 27 Feb 1905 as recorded in Liber 306......

Hillside - Cambria Center--#5
East side of Cambria Center Road, south of Lower Mountain Road, Lot 52. Three acres in good condition. Early deed, list of original lot owners. Ready by Mrs. Mary Ellis. Map of burials from 1816 in Map Bk 12, made in 1847, 1886. Associated with Congregational Church. Incorporated 1881 as the Hillside Cemetery Assoc. of Cambria. A Deed made to the Congregational Society of the First Congregational Church, Cambria. "Beginning at a Maple stake....

Small cemetery on the George Howder farm east of Budd Road, on the north side of Lower Mountain Road. No stones found recently.

North side of State Rte 104, west of State Rte 93. 100' x 200' in fair condition. Reading of stones by D. Rolling and D. Jerge: no GAR stones left. Dates from 1812. In Deed Liber 121...F. Wm. Molyneaux, and wife, deeded 74 1/2 Sarah E. McRae and Elbertine Molyneaux on 20 April 1869. Quitclaim Deed recorded 01 June 1877 between Sarah Molyneaux and William J. Molyneaux and Mary, his wife, stating in part that their land was "that part of Lot is now used and enclosed as a burial ground supposed to contain 1/4 of an acre of land."

On James Moran Land. Stone found with the name "HURD" southeast corner of Ridge Road, one mile east of Streeter's Corners - State Rte 425. This stone may have been moved from another loctation.

Mount View Rural--#2
North side of Upper Mountain Road, east of Pekin and across from the fire hall. In good condition. Records are kept by Wayne Rivers. Partial reading by sister Vivian, Robert Boyd, and Bethal Riggs; GAR list; partial DAR; Map 1864 in Map Book 12. Owned by Mt View Cemetery Association and formed 20 April 1864. Incorporated.

North Ridge - Union Cemetery Assoc - North Ridge Burying Ground--#4
Superintendant, William Nugent, Jr. (in 1998)
Church Road
Lockport, NY

Secretary of Assoc. Shirley N. Coulter (in 1998)
North Ridge Burial Association
3871 North Ridge Road
Lockport, NY 14094

North side of Church Street between State Rtes 93 and 104. Union Cemetery Association of Northeast Cambria and Ridge Union met in 1848 and again in 1853 to form cemetery association. Universalist Church 1868, Congregational Church. Fourteen acres located on east side of Church Street north of State Rte 104: 1816 burial noted. 1903 map in Book 12. In 1853 incorporated as North Ridge Burying Ground-papers in Court House (Lockport, NY). In 1934 incorporated as North Ridge Burial Association, Inc. D. Rolling recording of burial records and tombstones. Lot 28 Deeded 22 Feb 1868.

Pekin Pioneer - Jungle - Old Pekin--#1
Townline Road at top of Pekin Cut, Entrance off Upper Mountain Road on private property; burials from 1817: fair contion. Many early stones were mounted on front wall of cemetery: list of graves by Norman Peirce: DAR recording; deeded to Town of Cambria by the Carney family in 1830 as per Deed Liber 5, which states that the cemetery "...Beginning at a stake on a course south, 47 degrees. East 1 chain and 65 links from the southeast corner of the Methodist Meeting House in Lewiston, thence....

Southeast corner of intersection of Lower Mountain and Cambria-Lockport Roads. Northwest corner of Lot #21. Reading by B Riggs, Patricia Leary, 1983 D Rolling, D Jerge. In the Deeds that were searched, no mention of a cemetery was found. The owner in 1938 was Raymond Schulz, and in 1908 the owner was B Treadwell. Between 1936 and 1938, New York State came throught to extend a highway, leaving the burying ground on an island. Thus, somewhere there should be an easement or some such document for this transaction, but this has not been found as of this time (1994).

Rigerman - Junction - Balliet--#16
No longer exists; however, there may still be one body, that of a negro servant, still buried in the area. On Upper Mountain Road and Campbell Boulevard on the northwest corner bodies were moved to HILSIDE CEMETERY (Cambria) around 1894. No deeds indicate that there was a cemetery at the spot on Lot 28 in Cambria. John Rigerman, Jr. bought the land on which the cemetery was contained in 1893 from Josiah Balliett as recorded in Liber 229 on 06 Dec 1894, Mr. Rigerman published his intention to move cemetery. Elton Schroeder is current owner of the land.

St Andrew's Lutheran - First German Evangelical Lutheran St Andrew's
Congregation of Pekin--#9
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
3229 Upper Mountain Road
Sanborn, NY 14132
(716) 731-5863

South side of Upper Mountain Road, behind church and west of Baer Road. About one acre in good condition. Records at the church date from 1894. The church was officially known as The First German Evangelical Lutheran St. Andrew's Congregation of Pekin, and their purchase of land is recorded on 12 Jan 1915, Liber 383 for two acres total land. "Thid Deed is intended as a duplicate of a Deed given 18th day of May 1899 but not recorded and is now lost." This two acre piece presumably contains the land for both church and cemetery. Tomstone recording, D Rolling 1992.

St Peter's Lutheran--#3
On the east side of Shurch Street and behind the church. Seven acres, Lot 15. A deed was made to the congregation on 17th of Oct 1865 in Liber 105 stating, "All that the northwest corner of land owned by Henry Thorton... Another Deed on Liber 216, Recorded 12th July 1892. A Deed on Lot 15 found in Liber 300.

Warrens Corners - Forsyth--10
Southwest side of State Rte 104 and Cambria Townline Road. Located on the Yousey farm and well cared for. Reading of stones by Jean Hayes, D Rolling, and D Jerge. Dates from 1808. On Lot 23. The Yousey's bought the land from Maude Warren, as Recorded in Liber 1122. The origianl owners of the land bought the land as Conveyed in Liber A. Unfortunately, among the Deeds that were searched, beinginning from the Holland Land Company's purchase to the present day, there is no mention of a cemetery, not even and "excepting and reserving" clause, to outline the boundaries of the cemetery, for it always seems to have been on private land. May have had public burials that had been removed to MOLYNEAUX after 1815.

Weaver #1 - Russell Weaver Family--#11
North side of Thrall Road midway between Upper and Lower Mountain Roads. In fair condition. Reading by Norman Peirce and D Rolling and D Jerge: NCGS cleaned area. Dates from 1815. According to February 1988 property maps, Robert E. and Margaret Blackman own the land surrounding the cemetery. They bouth the land from Francis P. Bassett in 1979. The Deed is Recorded in Liber 1659. In this Liber is an "Excepting and Reserving clause" which directs that Liber 43, p 62 be consulted. This Deed state, "That tract or parcel of land ....and adjoining land owned by William Blanchard.....At a Maple tree on the line between me and William Blanchard and...Be it understood by all whom it may concern J. Russell Weaver of the first part do Convey or Deed the above described piece of land to the said Reuben Brackett for the express purpose of a burying ground to inter the dead. Reserving to myself and descendants the privilege of burying our dead in the same enclosure." Made 20th of December 1850 and Recorded 28th of Jan 1851.

Weaver #2 - Rufus Weaver Family--#2
Seventy-five yards in from north side of Upper Mountain Road, about 1500 feet west of intersection of Thrall Road near 4946 Upper Mountain Road on private property. Cannot be seen from the road, in trees. Permission to view may be obtained from home west of cemetery. Once contained in a small stone-walled area now torn down. Handwritten history by Rufus Charles Welton, Tonawanda, NY in 1920: Stones by D Rolling and D Jerge. No precise deed information could be located for this cemetery. Deed for the property is located in Liber 1079. Deborah Meyer, current owner, widow of Thomas T. Meyer, 24 Aug 1972 from Kayal, Inc, Alvin Kraatz, President. This transaction is Recorded in Liber 1534.

--Averill Bruying Grounds - area of 150' X 150" ??

--Taylor Family Burying Ground
Once on the grounds of Joash Taylor land in the south corner near the Ridge, no evidence of graves now.

--Crocker Family Burying Ground
Stone Road, remains to GLENWOOD.

--DePaul Property
South of B-Kwik (grocery store), east side of town line.

--Site of Early Indian Burials
Blackman Road


St Patrick's and Hartland Central are the only active cemeteries in town, others being declared closed by the Town Board April 1982.

Carmen Road - Stewart--#3
East side of Carmen Road, 100 yds off the Ridge Road. One acre recording by Don Jerge. Stones in fair condition. Rev burial LS film #1381730

Friends - Quaker - Orthodox--#5
South side of Ridge Road, east of Quaker Road, west of Cobblehurst. Origianl meeting place at 8856 Ridge Road. One acre. Recording by Florence Arnold. LDS film #1381730

Hartland Central Cemetery Association - Skeels--#4
South side of Ridge Road, west of Quaker Road, 10 1/2 acres in very good condition. Records held by association and tombstones recorded by Gasport Lions Club and boy scout, Andrew Drum, in 1993. Included is a Niagara County veterans' plot. Earliest found burial 1807. LDS film #1381730

Johnson Creek Baptist - Hartland Baptist - Union Rural Association--#6
Located on the west side of Johnson Creek Road just north of Ridge Road in Back of Church proerty. 1 1/4 acres. Organized in 1848 as Union Rural Cemetery Association. Fair condition. Many stones have been reloacted. Reading by Reverend Heminway in 1942. LDS film #138170.

Levalley - Pearson Road--#2
Section 4, Lot 5 on south side of Pearson Road, east of Stone Road. William Scott owned 35.3 acres on which the cemetery is apparently located. Indentured 31 Oct 1819--Holden Levalley as gift to Cemetery Association. One acre. The present owner's name is Mantei, and the Deed conveying the land to him is found in Liber 1467. There are re-interments from VILLAGE OF MIDDLEPORT CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. Tombstone recording in 1973 by James F. Holohan. LDS films #1324469 and 1381730.

Surnames Found in LeValley Cemetery
Anstey, Bachel, Baker, Barnard, Bickford, Bowen, Brown, Chamberlin, Compton, Crook, Darling, Davis, Day, Park, Englehart, Fassett, Featherly, Gage?, Gould, Hammond, Herrington, Hinckley, Hill, Hole, Hooper, Horton, Howe, Hunt, Hurd, Jennings, Jones, Kelsey, King, Kinyon, Kittredge, LeValley, Miller, Mosher, Murch, Northam, Pearce, Pittsley, Potter, Richardson, Sage, Sherman, Smith, Spaulding, Strong, Swart, Taylor, Terry?, Torrey, VanNortwick, Welch, Welding, Wendell, White, Wrangham

Located on Wolfe Lumber Mill, Inc. Land, on the northwest corner of their 11 acre property, on the south side of Ridge Road about 500 ft. east of Hartland Road. The area is now completely overgrown. There are seven known graves; some marked, others not. The land was apparently first deeded to Samuel B. Morehouse from Holland Land Co. on 11 Mar 1818. Recorded in Deed Liber A, Pg 341. No known records exist, except the reading of the existing tombstones by Donald Jerge at an earlier date. The cemetery's first burial was in 1822. 29 Oct 1973 vandalized, stones broken and removed.

St Patrick RC--#1
St Patrick's Church
1726 Quaker Road
Barker, NY 14012
West side of Carmen Road, south of the Rose Road, three acres in good condition. Recording 1979 by Nancy Stacy, Map - Church in the Village of Barker. LDS fim#1324470.

South side of Ridge Road at the Newfane-Hartland Townlines. Two acres. Well kept but stones are in poor condition. On 23 Apr 1982, the Town of Hartland declared this cemetery inactive for burials. Maintained by the Town of Hartland. Records burned in a fire. Reading by Florence Arnold. LDS film #1381730.


West side of Lower River Road, behind 4191 Rivershore Complex (White Colonial owned by Robert Hunt. Stone-walled area on private property, Lot #12 of Mile Reserve. Now on property of RIVERSHORE, INC.Willaim Clark, on 16 Sept 1833 bouth Lot 12 from Abel & Lucinda White and Sanford & Abacinda White.

Cook Family--#17--SEE Village Cemetery
On the southeast corner of Ridge and Creek Roads #18. On property now oned by Dr. Wm Lewis. Lot 33. Bodies re-interred in Village Cemetery.

North side of Ridge Road about 1/3 mile west of Dickersonville Road. Incorporated 1854 as Dickersonville Cemetery Association. Deeded 12 April 1898. Cemetery reactivated 1983 with the help of the Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission.
Town of Lewiston is current owner.
Contains graves of Civil and Revoluntionary Veterans.

Gate of Heaven--#4
500 Riverdale Ave
Lewiston, NY 14092
Cemetery 282-5084
Mausoleum 282-5118

East side of Old Lewiston Road; north of Niagara University; between Trinity and Riverdal Cemeteries. Records are in property office and recorded.

East side of Kline Road in Colonial Village; south side of Saunders Settlement Road. Burials from 1800s. On Lot 8 land, originally the property of Mathias Kline. Deeded to Paul Kline on 06 March 1872.

Holy Trinity R C Church--#5
5401 Roberts Avenue-Cemetery
Lewiston, NY 14092
(716) 285-7467

1419 Falls Street-Church
Niagara Falls, NY 14303
(716) 284-6628

North side of Gate of Heaven Cemetery, it is a Catholic cemetery assoc. Deeded 05 March 1910. Office on the grounds.

Mount Hope Burial Ground--#3
North side of Upper Mountain Road. On the Tuscarora Indian Reservation between Green and Garlow Roads on private property. Many graves are marked with wooden or iron crosses. Some records of burials from Lewiston Death Records and Dr. Huggins' records. No deed to land.

Niagara Falls Memorial Park Assn--#9
5871 Military Rd
Lewiston, NY 14092

North of NY State Rte 31, across from Reservoir Park. Records are in office on the grounds. Crematory services most of Niagara County. Incorporated 1928, dedicated 31 May 1929. Four Hundred graves for Veterans were purchased by Niagara County and dedicated in June of 1971.

Oakwood - Presbyterian - Municipal--#2
Village of Lewiston, NY

Located next to and behind Presbyterian Church on Cayuga Street in the Village of Lewiston; not owned, however, by church. Map in Map book 12 of 1879, p 1129. Additions 10 April 1879 and 01 Sept 1879. Session Law conveyed land to Village of Lewiston (East half of Lot 17). Further additions 26 Feb 1919 and last addition 1951. Original deed 1822.

Our Lady of the Angels--#15
Niagara University
Lewiston Road
Niagara University, NY 14109
(716) 285-1212 General Information

Once had a cemetery on the north side of campus. Removed at the time of the Niagara Power Project in 1958, to St Joseph College in Princeton, NJ.

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine--#18
Order of Barnabite Fathers
Swann Road
Lewiston, NY 14092
(716) 754-7448

Burial of priests on the Shrine property owned by the Order of Barnabite Fathers, who purchased land 30 March 1955.

Poole - Woolson--#19
North side of State Rte 104 and west of Ransomville Road. Removed to Dickersonville Cemetery

Indian Burial Mound--Now Artpark.

Riverdale Assn
5605 Old Lewiston Rd
Lewiston, NY 14092
(716) 285-4968

East side of Old Lewiston Road, north of Niagara University. Very good condition. Records in office on grounds. Veterans' graves in Sec. 10--621 graves. The land is on Lot 25 in the Town of Lewiston. Land deed of 1896 from the Lewiston Investment Company. First burial 05 Oct 1896. Former site of J. Colt Farm.

Sage Family--#16
Once located on the south side of Ridge Road just east of Indian Hill Road. Was removed to the Village Cemetery. Land on which it was contained is now owned by Joan Gipp.

St Michael Polish National--#7
St Michael the Archangel Polish National Church
250-27th Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303
(716) 282-5442

North side of Saunders Settlement Road, 1/2 mile east of Military Road. Very good condition. purchased 14 June 1918 from Andrezej Drabczyk, Thomasz Szczesc, Josef Janik, and Jakob Nowacki.

Stella Niagara--#11
Sisters of St Francis
Buffalo, NY

On Lower River Road behind Stella Niagara; Priest and Nun burials. About 200' x 200' in good condition. Burials are placed by date of burials with family surnames. Woned by the Sisters of St. Francis Buffalo of the Sacred Heart of the Penance and Christian Charity. The land was purchased from Barbara M. A. March in 1908 and given to "The Buffalo Sacred Academy of the Sacred Heart."

Beth Israel--#10 -- See Niagara Falls Listing
Temple Beth Israel of Niagara Falls
404 Cedar Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Totten - Porter - Ayer--#13
Near 1826 Ridge Road on the south side of the road in a stone wall area in very poor condition. Located in the middle of the Nichol's pear orchard. This property is not included in the Nichol's property and they do give their permission for entrance to the cemetery. Burials date from at least 1843 and may contain the graves of Ira and Elizabeth Porter. May also contain Henry Totten who died before 1817. Eight to ten stones lying flat on the ground.

Ways - Evans Scovell--#14
Behind 1804 Ridge Road, below the hill on the north side of the road. Behind the barn in a small stone-walled area, Lot 26, in very poor condition. Owner of property is Mr. Kerion of Corona Del Mar, CA. There is a reading of the stones, early stone of 1839. Scovell and Evans families are buried here. This land from Judith Evans to Joseph E. Ways is recorded on 26 Jan 1843. ..."Clarence Lewis note states that the land is behind the present Canan house. This house is apparently owned by the Patrick Family.


North side of Lower Mountain Road, opposite 5360. About 100 yards off road in wooded area. Recordings of four stones.

Brookside Chapel--#12
Southeast corner of Slayton Settlement and Day Roads near Chapel of Good Shepherd: One headstone and one monument remain standing.

Chestnut Ridge--#14
North side of Chestnut Ridge Road and Lockport-Royalton town lines. West of Husky Cemetery. Good Condition. Incorporated in 1859 as Chestnut Ridge Cemetery. Tombstone recording in 1993.

Cold Spring--#8 also SEE Old Burying Ground #26
Cold Spring Cemetery Association
4849 Cold Springs Rd
Lockport, NY 14094

East of Lockport City limits on Chestnut and Cold Springs Roads. GAR list, list in old section of few pioneers and 12 unknown 1812 soldiers. Niagara County purchased 100 graves for veterans. Incorporated 07 March 1840. SEE also special proceedings for The Cold Springs Cemetery Assoc., 1971.

Dead Man's Curve--#22 SEE Potter's Field--#7
Lockport and Comstock Roads

Freeman Family--#17
Northwest corner of Leete Road and Sunset Drive in a very small area in a plowed field off the road several hundred feet. Wilson farm. Few recordings.

325 Glenwood Avenue
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-3060

North part of Lockport on Glenwood Avenue. Formed as Glenwood Cemetery Association in 1863. Copy of Lots and owners by NCGS in 1932. Records in office on grounds. Crypt mausoleum built in 1977 (468). Maps of 1875, 1889, 1892 on file with County office. Contains graves from OLD LINCOLN AVENUE, moved about 1928. Includes a Niagara County veterans' plot.

Grace Episcopal Church--#16
Grace Episcopal Church
100 Genesee Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-2878

North side of Lincoln Avenue, west of Pine Street, on Lot 11. Deeded by Elias Ransom, remains removed to GLENWOOD about 1931, Lots #85-93. 01 August 1837. About one acre.

Millard--#18 - Public Burying Ground
FIRST CEMETERY IN LOCKPORT, NY. Small plot at west end of Sunnyside Street, where Major Millard donated one acre of land for a cemetery. No evidence of stones left and no records of deaths. Re-interments to GLENWOOD. Few recordings and history. Sheriff Almon Millard buried here in 1838.

Mt. Calvary--#3
St John the Baptist RC Church
168 Chestnut Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-8118

South side of Summit Street between Transit (State Rte 78) and State Roads. Established 1845, deeded 06 January 1845. Owned by St. John's RC Church, Lockport, NY. Restoration under direction of Jeff Degnan, Civil War burials.

Old Burying Ground--#26
Old section of COLD SPRING, prior to COLD SPRING INC., at front entrance and to the right up on the hill, could be the area of the 12 soldiers of 1814. Later became part of COLD SPRING.

Old Poor House (Poor Farm)--#25

On Niagara Road across from present jail, only few tombstones are in place, many crude slate markers with no information.

Pomerory--#13-- see Town of Cambria #15

Potter's Field--#7
East side of Davison Road, northast of County buildings. Burials from 1915 to June 1960. In 1959 the remains of DEAD MAN'S CURVE (Lockport and Comstock Roads) were removed and reinterred here. Niagara County Historian has register of burials.

Price - Pleasant--#20
Northwest corner of COLD SPRING CEMETERY on Cold Spring Road, across from Trinity Lutheran Cemetery. Organzied by Daniel Price and Jonathan Thomas in 1863, now incorporated into COLD SPRING CEMETERY. Tombstone recording by Florence Smith.

Quaker - Friend's - Hicksite--#21
Lincoln Avenue nixt to Grace Episcopal, ca 1845 moved to COLD SPRING--next to tool shed.

Quaker - Friend's--#23
Walled off area between Price and Cold Spring.

Quaker - Hicksite--#24
Market, Elm and Main Streets (triangle), ca. 1829. Removed to Lincoln Avenue on Moody property (#21) then to COLD SPRINGS.

Queen of Heaven--#15
Catholic cemetery on 6843 South side of Tonawanda Creek Road, between Minnick and Rapid Roads. Good condition, records held by church.

Shaeffer - Brooks--#5
North side of Dysinger Road between Raymond and Crosby Roads. Few DAR recordings, reading by I. Richard Reed, Joyce Bundrock. Fair condition. Land first deeded to Sam Sheffer 26 May 1848. Incorporated 29 November 1924 as STAHLER CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, INC. Now cared for by the Town of Lockport.

St Mary's RC--#2
St Mary's Church
5 Saxton Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 434-6316

South side of Niagara Street, west of St. Peter's. In cood condition. Map of 1867, 1886 p. 1167, 1168 in Map Book 12.

St Patrick's RC--#10
St Patrick's RC Church
76 Church Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-3707

Glenwood Avenue and Transit Street: Alpha reading by Patricia and Nancy Stacy; GAR list: History: few DAR recordings. Tombstone recording by Mike Niethe and family in 1992. Included is a Niagara County Veterans' Plot.

St Paul's Dutch - German Reformed--#6
First English Lutheran Church
185 Locust Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-6161

South side of Akron Road, between Wynkoop and Kook Roads (now Oak Lane). Very poor condition. All stones are down and placed on a pile. As of 1974, and at least from 1951, the land is owned by the United Lutheran Synod of New York, as the church no longer functions. Some of the piled stones read by D. Rolling and D. Jerge. Records are part of the English Lutheran in Lockport.

St Peters Lutheran : United Church of Christ--#1
South side of Niagara Street near City limits. GAR list. Old German section in rear across bridge. Good conditon. Tombstone recordings by D. Rolling in 1992. Church has records.

Stahler Cemetery--#4

On west side of Beattie Avenue, north of Dysinger Road. Good Condition. Church disbanded either 1882 or 1885. Incorporated as Stahler Cemetery Association, Inc. in 1891. Recording by B Riggs and D White.

Trinity Lutheran--#9
Trinity Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod
67 Saxton Street
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 434-3106

One acre located west side of Cold Springs Road and next to railroad tracks. Maps and survey map of 1889. Lot map drawn 24 Oct 1921, maps not registered with Niagara County. Records are with the church. Incorporated in 1891 as The Evangelical Lutheran Cold Springs Cemetery Assoc.


--149 Ontario Street, in basement of house--Elizabeth Condren dies 18 Oct 1873 age 13 yr 6 months d/o Willaim and Elizabeth

--119 Genesee Street--Tombstone found: Frances w/o Alfred homes died 20 Jan 1840 age 33 yr. Whereabouts of stone unknown now.

--Parsons Drug Store, Main Street - Found three tombstones in basement.

--Former site of Niagara County Fair Grounds, 91 Morrow Street--Tombstone found

? Rochester Road on Ladd property - one stone found

-- Tombstone found near railroad bridge, near canal bank, 'Daniel Andrews, died 25 March 1877 age 75.

? Leete Road off Stone Road

Niagara Falls

Several bodies are known to be buried on the Deveaux Campus on Lewiston Road near Whirlpool Park.

Falls Burying--#7 (Old Burying Ground)
Between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Removed for the railroad. Bodies and some monuments taken to OAKWOOD CEMETERY; south side known as the "Town Burying Grounds."

Forth and Jefferson--#13
East of 4th and Jefferson. No longer exists.

Ft Schlosser--#10
Edge of Niagara River near Hyde Park. At least one stone removed to OAKWOOD CEMETERY; No longer exists.

Havos Shalom--#6
South side of Witmer Road just west of Witmer Cemetery; excellent condition; fenced in; approximately 50 stones.

John Osborne--#11
Located near Buffalo Avenue and Portage Road on the Osborne Property. Body removed to OAKWOOD CEMETERY for railroad construction.

Niagara Falls Memorial Park Assn Inc-- see Lewiston Listing
5871 Military Rd
Lewiston, NY 14092

Oakwood - Resthaven--#2
763 Portage Rd
Niagara Falls, NY 14301
(716) 284-5131

Portage Road opposite Cedar Avenue. Organzied in 1852, excellent condition: records in office on the grounds. Early removals from other cemeteries: FT. SCHLOSSER, OSBORN, OLD BURYING GROUND, ETC. Also, the Town of Niagara has 25 lots with a revewable 20-year lease. There is also a crematory on the grounds. Map in Map Bk. 12--1852, 1900, 1907. Incorporated 1852 as Oakwood Cemetery Association. Veteran area purchased by Niagara County in 1917, unknown soldiers graves included in the 30 burials in this plot.

Pletcher Family--#8
Northeast corner of Lockport and Military Roads; monuments last seen in the 1930's? Removals to WITMER CEMETERY.

St Joseph's--#1
3806 Pine Ave
Niagara Falls, NY 14301

North side of Pine Avenue opposite 38th Street; organized 1920. Italian families. Included is a Niagara County Veterans' plot.

St Mary's RC--#3
East side of Portage Road, on the corner of Elmwood Avenue and north of Oakwood Cemetery. No known maps or records from the Catholic Church because all records were destroyed in a fire. Much vandalism has taken place and poor care by the church has resulted in much destruction of monuments. North sie of cemetery known as "Sacred Heart." Poor handritten map of this section. Also a lot owner map of Sacred Heart. In care of GATE OF HEAVEN in Lewiston, NY (Diocese of Buffalo). Incorporated 1867 as St. Mary's Cemetery Association. Origianl papers missing. Tombstone recording by Jerry and Dorothy Rolling. Papers in file room in register 6.

St Mary's RC--#14
Grave of Reverand William Stephens, d 01 Sept 1862--located in the St Mary's Church, under the altar, before church enlargement, grave was in the church yard. Tombstone found behind Saratoga Restaurant of Niagara Falls Boulevard in 1963. Whereabouts of stone now unknown.

Tempel Beth E--#4
Temple Beth El Synagogue
720 Ashland Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
(716) 282-2717

Behind St. Mary's on Elmwood Avenue. Purchased 07 July 1864. Poor condition. Reading of stone in 1983 by D Jerge, D and J Rolling.

Witmer - Rural - Lieb - Collins - Homestead--#5
Town of Niagara, NY
7105 Lockport Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
(716) 297-2150

Three acres in good condition on the south side of Witmer between Hyde Park and Military Roads. Historian has reassembled some records, 1938 recording by DAR: 1877 Lot owners. About 1840 Benjamin Witmer's will gave land to his children to be used as a cemetery. Cemetery association formed 1875. Now under the care of the Town of Niagara. Area south of cemetery doanted by HAVOS SHALOM for burials of veterans.

Young Family--#9
West of Military Road between Packard and Porter Roads, just east of the Interstate I 190. Young family reinterred in OAKWOOD CEMETERY, Niagara Falls, and others to the "Town Burying Grounds" in the WITMER CEMETERY in 1895. The last stones were seen at the time of the I-190 construction.


Tombstone found under Falls Street, Niagara Falls in 1956--Margaret w/o Redmon Burke who died 16 Aug 1855. (Old Burying Ground between 1st and 2nd streets had been moved to OAKWOOD in April 1855).

? River Bank near Schoellkopf Museum
? Goat Island - ? Indian Burial Site
? Old bury on Buffalo Avenue


Northeast corner of Lockport-Olcott and Hatter Roads. GAR list, few DAR recordings. Records burned in 1931. Incorporated in 1907 as Corwin Cemetery Association.

Hess Road--#3
West side of Hess Road, south of Charlottville Road. Fair condition but stones in poor condition. Early 1800's burials. Few DAR recordings.

Lake View--#2
On west side of Lockport-Olcott Road, opposite Lake View Street. Good condition. Few DAR recordings. 1862 Map. Incorporated in 1916 as Lakeview Cemetery Assoc., Inc.

Phillips Family--#10
Private family cemetery on private property. East of Phillips Road and Keg Creek.

St Bridget's RC--#7
St Bridget's RC Church
3455 Ewings Road
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 778-9822

East side of Ewings Road between Chestnut and Jacques Roads, south of church parking lot; poor condition. Recorded 1977.

St Charles Borromeo RC--#8
St Charles Borromeo RC
5969 Washington
Olcott, NY 14126
(716) 778-7592

Lockport-Olcott Road, north of Corwin Avenue. Purchased 06 May 1949. Good Condition. Tombstone recording 1991 by Stacy Vermeulen, Girl Scout Troop #206 in April 1990.

Van Horn Family--#11
Van Horn Mansion
2165 Lockport-Olcott Road
Burt, NY 14028
(716) 778-7197

North of Burt, on the east side of Lockport-Olcott Road. On the Van Horn Mansion Property. Re-interred to Glenwood Cemetery, Sect XVI. Malinda Van Horn stone remains at site.

West Lake - Methodist Cemetery Association - Harbor View--#1
North side of Lake Road, west side of Olcott. Partieal tombstone recording, few DAR; fair condition.

Wisner - Halstead--#9
North side of Lake Road, west of Bifle Conference; 100 yards off road in woods. Area now owned by Bea Seitz (Sights). Charles Eckles or Mrs. Clogsons may own front part of cemetery. Few stones standing. Some bodies were removed to OLCOTT, though their headstones remain. Burials from 1818 to 1876.

Wright's Corners--#4
West side of Ridge Road, north of intersection of Lockport-Olcott Road (State Rte 78 and Ridge Road). Incorporated in 1853 as Wright's Corners Cemetery Association. Good condition.

Wright's Corners--New Section--#5
Located on the east side of State Rte 104, across from Wright's Corners #4.

Wright's Corners--Old Section--#12
East side of State Rte 104, near Wheeler Road; moved in 1880's to present site.
East side of Coomer Road, north side of Hopkins Creek on Beebe property--Jean Hayes has information.

North Tonawanda

St Martin's Lutheran--#11
On west side of Sweeney Street, 150 yds. south of Tonawanda Creek Road, Martinsville. Tombstone recording by Dorothy Rolling.

North Tonawanda Potter's Field --#18
Adjacent to St. Paul's in Martinsville, NY, One Acre.

Rohr Street
South side of Rohr Street, recorded by Dorothy Rolling.

St Paul's Lutheran--#8 (Martinsville)
West of Sweeney Street, Wall Street. Historian has a translation of the original German church records with baptisms, marriages, and deaths, and cemetery burials. Translated by Norma Stolzenber in 1985; Map 1887 in Map Book 12 P 1177. Church records, tombstone recording Dorothy and Jerald Rolling.

St Paul's Lutheran--#9
South side of Walck Road. A few yards east of Erie Avenue, in the rear of Niagara Cutter, Inc. Tombstone recording by D. Jerge and Ruth Jerge in 1983.

Sweeney Ward - Lockport Road Wheatfield


Acacia Park Assn--#1 SEE Resthaven
4215 N Tonawanda Ck Rd
No Tonawanda, NY 14120

Two modern plots on Tonawanda Creek Road between Bear Ridge and Townline Roads. Records at office on the grounds. Incorporated in 1938 as Acacia Park Cemetery Association. Included in the 151 acres is a Niagara County veterans' plot. Masonic area is known as Resthaven.

Bear Ridge Inc - Ridgeville - Foote--#5
South side of Bear Ridge Road. About 3/4 mile east of Campbell Blvd on Lot 74. New and old sections well cared for. Incorporated in 1921 as Bear Ridge Cemetery Association, four acres. Papers in file room in Register 2.

Bear Ridge - Schorb--#7
Former Schorb property and across from 6592 Bear Ridge Road, overgrown. Recording in 1977 by Doris Grape, Jane Clement, Elsie Allen; in 1983 by D Rolling and D Jerge.

Sylvester Pendleton Clark, directly in front of KING FAMILY BURYING GROUNDS; overgrown, stones down and broken. 1/8 acre

Dead Man's Curve--#11
On the Comstock Road, corner of Lockport Road.
Many newspaper articles from 1959 exist in the Historian's Office detailing the finding of bones on Edwin D. Walck's property. Three stones found. Skeletons also found in extremely shallow graves. One of them contained a pin in its leg, creating the hypothesis that some Halloween prankster had moved the stones from a nearby cemetery to that location. Nevertheless, some held to the belief that there actually was a cemetery where the stones were found. The "remains" and the stones were removed to burial grounds at the INFIRMARY. The whereabouts of the stones at the present time are not known. There was, at one time, a cemetery located somewhere on land deeded to "Lyman E. Thayer of Pendleton and Fanny, his wife" on 01 April 1836 consisting of the "Northeast part of Lot 87 and the Northwest part of Lot 82 in said township [Pendleton] as follows...excepting 1/4 acre which has been used by the inhabitants of Pendleton and Cambria as a burying ground" (Deed Liber 15). Either in a wooded knoll or under one of his crop fields (Walck's).

Evangelical Methodist--#9
Northwest side of intersection of Bear Ridge and Tonawanda Creek Roads. About two blocks back in a wooded area, behind 7450 Bear Ridge Road and 4469 Tonawanda Creek Road. Recording by Doris Grapes and Jane Clements in 1977. Stones read by Ben Sobczyk, D Rolling, and D Jerge in 1983. Few DAR recordings.

Good Sheperd--#3
Good Sheperd RC
5442 Tonawanda Creek Road
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
(716) 625-8594

One acre on the Tonawanda Creek Road, behind the Good Sheperd RC church. One mile east of Wendleville. In good condition. Burial records copied.

King - Pendleton--#4
Between Washington and the southeast bank of the Old Canal. Recorded in 1984 by D Jerge and D Rolling. Earliest grave appears to be 1829. In poor condition. Map Book 12 with Lot owners name. GAR list.

Poole - Beach Ridge - Andrus--#8
East side of Beach Ridge Road, 1/4 mile southeast of Aiken Road, by 4341 Beach Ridge Road on private property. Poor condition and most stones destroyed. Few DAR recordings: Veterans' history: Noah Strickland dedication by DAR: Stones read by Ben Sobczyk: Stones read by D Rolling and D Jerge in 1983.

St Paul's Evangelical Protestant--#6
East side of Bear Ridge Road, north of Killian Road. Tombstone recording by D Rolling. Copy of Lot interments from Elton Bayer, considered newer section of the St Paul's on Tonawanda Creek Road (#2). One-half acre.

St Paul's United Chruch of Christ - Wendleville--#2
Tonawanda Creek Road, east of Wendleville, NY. One-half acre in poor condition. Recording by Doris Grape 1974: Another by Youth Group. Owned by the Church and secretary has records.


Curtiss - Pioneer--#6
In hamlet of Ransomville, on the north side of Youngstown-Lockport Road, next to Methodist Church--but does not belong to the church. Church has no records. Town Clerk does not know of any, either. Article on 12 April 1887 in the LOCKPORT DAILY JOURNAL, p. 4, col. 4, (now Lockport Union Sun and Journal, 1997), suggestion that the bodies be removed to North Ridge and the land sold for a large amount of money.

1812 Fort Niagara--#2
Burying grounds located within the Fort. Few DAR recordings. Reading by D & J Rolling, and by D Loker in "YESTERYEARS."

Ft Niagara Post--#1
Located on Lake Road, east end of Fort. All bodies were removed to Elmira, NY in 1951. History, newspapers, list of soldiers.

Halstead - Holsted - Filmore - East Porter--#5
East side of Ransomville Road, south of Lockport-Wilson Road. On Lot #18, Deeded 1830. Cemetery records begin 1847. DAR 1937: GAR: HISTORY: 1967. Reading by Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zurenda and Cindy Schultz. Map of 1853 pp 1136-37 in Map Book 12. Incorporated 1874 as Halstead Cemetery Association.

Lutts family cemetery on Wilson Road, near Towers Corners on east bank of 4 Mile Creek. On Lot 27, just at the bend of Youngstown-Wilson Road, just behind 1073 (house number) and north of Youngstown-Lockport Road. Only one unreadable stone remains.

Oakland Rural - Hosmer--#3
North side of Lake Road, east of Four Mile Creek. Recording by Joanne Tubsidy in 1978. As of 1978, Martha Clark, of 315 Third Street, Youngstown, NY, had a few records and a map of the plot. Map of Lots: Lot owner 1869: Map in Map Book 12 with no date. Good condition. Incorporated 1857 as Oakland Burial Cemetery Association.

Presbyterian - Universal--#9
Behind church at corner of Church and Second Streets in the Village of Youngstown. Church organized 1823. Property sold for $1 by John and Caty Young to Presbyterian Society on 22 July 1835--Deed Book 12 p 502. Sold back to Town of Port, NY in 1960s for $1. Used as Village cemetery before opening HOSMER. History: GAR: 1937 DAR.

St Bernard's RC--#10
St. Bernards Catholic Church
218 Hinman
Youngstown, NY 14174
(716) 745-7460

North side of Oak Street in the Village of Youngstown, NY. (Very wet at times). Have map.

St John's Lutheran--#7
East side of Creek Road at Blairville Road. Good condition. Tombstones read by J & D Rolling in 1985.

Skinner Family--#8
Family plot on north side of Swain Street, east of River Road in the Village of Youngstown. Stones by D Rolling and D Jerge: List and map.

East side of Creek Road, north of Youngstown-Lockport Road. North of the Old Schoolhouse. DAR recording, hand map by Betty Allen.

-- Jackson Street: Bodies found in area in 22 Dec 1939 and referred to FORT NIAGARA

--Ransomville Road: Bodied re-interred to NORTH RIDGE


Chestnut Ridge--#3
Chestnut Ridge Road (St. Route 31)
Town of Royalton and Lockport (divided)

North side of Chestnut Ridge Road at Lockport-Royalton town lines. West of Husky Cemetery. Good condition. Incorporated in 1859 as Chestnut Ridge Cemetery. Tombstone recording in 1993.

Orangeport Union Gaskill--#1
Incorporated 1886 as Orangeport Union Cemetery
West side Orangeport Rd.
South of Slayton Settlement, 100 yds
Gasport, NY 14067

Dysinger-Royalton Union Baptist--#4
Inc 1848 as Royalton Union Cem Assoc
Inc 1957 as Royalton Union Cem Assoc
Bunker Hill Road (between Gasport & Ward Roads)
Gasport, NY 14067

West side Chestnut Ridge Rd, South of Graham
Middleport, NY 14105

Inc 1941 as Huskey Cem Assoc Inc
No side of Chestnut Ridge at Lockport/Royalton town lines
(State Rte 77) Between Keck and Cottage Rds
Lockport, NY 14094

West side of Griswold St, 40 yds South of Grahm Rd
Middleport, NY 14105

North side of Slayton-Settlement Rd, 400 yds east of Hartland Rd
Gasport, NY 14067

Ranney Family--#12 (Family Plot)
South side of Lincoln Ave, east side of Singer Rd
Lockport, NY 14094

St Michael Lutheran--#6
Intersection of Wolcottsville and Fisk Rds (2 miles north of State Rte 93)
Wolcottsville Road
Akron, NY 14001

St Stephen Roman Catholic--#11
On Watson Ave, 600 yds east of Carmen Rd
21 Vernon St
Middleport, NY 14105

Trinity Lutheran--#7
Eas side Wolcottsville Rd, Approx 1/2 mile north of Fisk Rd
6369 Wolcottsville Road
Akron, NY 14001

Royalton Mountain Ridge--#9
East side of Royalton Center Rd, 600 yds south of Mountain Rd
6237 South Transit Rd
Lockport, NY 14094


** All Cemeteries in the Town of Somerset are owned and cared for by the Town

Town of Somerset
8700 Haight Road
Barker, NY 14012
Town Clerk: (716) 795-3575

Town of Somerset Historical Society
7449 Lake Road
Appleton, NY 14008
(716) 795-3650

County Line--#1
West side of County Line Road between Lake and Haight Roads

South side of Lake Road, East of Quaker.

Sawyer Homestead--#3
South side of Lake Road. Between Hess and Hosmer Roads, approx. 400 yds. off road. 09 August 1960, Town of Somerset became caretaker and owner of cemetery.

West Somerset--#4
West side of Hosmer Road. Between Haight and West Somerset Roads. "Title in Name of Supervisors."

Quaker - Haight--#5
North side of Haight Road. Between Hartland and Quaker Roads.
Records kept at Friend's Meeting House
221 East 15th Street
New York, New York

Phillip Fitts, Revolutionary War Soldier buried on Molyneaux, now NYSEG property. Attempts are being made to locate grave.


North side of Niagara Falls Blvd., 100 yards from Ruie Road. Tombstone recording by Nan Miller.

Holy Ghost Lutheran--#12 (Bergholz, NY)
6630 Luther
Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Located on the south side of Niagara Road, west of Ward Road in Bergholz: GAR List. Tombstone recording by Dorothy Rolling and Allan Walck, 1992.

Jagow Road--#17
On east side of railroad tracks. Listed in 1976 Historic Trail.

McNitt - Worden--#16
South side of Mapleton Road, west of Shawnee and east of intersection of Lockport and Mapleton Roads, about 100 yards off road in hedge row. TN 13, Range 8 Lot #18, 50 X 50, 10 stones. Found in 1980 by Roger Drake Family.

St. James Lutheran--#1

St John's Evangelical Lutheran--#2
Corner of Niagara Falls Blvd. and Ward Road. GAR: Partial Recording by Scout John Kopcznski and completed summer, 1989 by Dorothy Rolling.

St Mark's Lutheran--#4
One mile east of Ward Road on south side of Niagara Falls Blvd. GAR: Some DAR readings; Map 1890 in Map Book 12, p 1147.

St Mathews Lutheran--#6
East of Friedens Cemetery on Niagara Falls Blvd.

St Paul's Calvary Lutheran--#19
South side of Rohr St., adjacent to St. James. Dedicated in 1924 by Rev. Edward Nemashie. Tombstone recording by Dorothy Rolling in 1991.

St Peter's Lutheran--#11
East side of Walmore Road, north of Lockport Road, north side of church. Records (in German) in Parish. GAR. Reading of stones 1989 by Dorothy and Jeral Rolling, and Allen Walck, Jr. Deeded to the "Old Lutheran Church of New Wallmore" Liber 63 P 122, June 24, 1846.


Bobzien St Peter Evan--#2
Overgrown area, former site of St Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church site. North side of Nelson Road, between Townline and Maple Roads, about 200 ft. back in a bed of lillies.

Greenwood--#1-- see Nathanial Davis Farm
West side of Lake Road at west edge of Village, opposite Pettit Street. Interment records 1891-1983. Incorporated 28 October 1850 as Greenwood Cemetery Assoc. No records prior to 1900.

Nathanial Davis Farm--#6
Two acres in 1846 on Lot 90 east side of Wilson-Cambria Road, opposite from the present day museum stands. Removed to Greenwood in 1872 when railroad construction started.

Randall Road--#3
West side of Randall Road between 3374 and 3378, historical marker of burials dedicated 20 Sept 1982. Stones are laid flat and covered over in driveway. Randall family in 1834.

Daniels Road, near New Road - Dora Lakeman on German Road

Sunset Island - Maple Grove--#4
East end of peninsula

West Young--#5
Battery Hill just south and east of the Creek

Williams - Ness--#7
Williams family on the Ness property on the West Lake Road. Three or four markers for Williams family. Early burial area on Ness farm - land now Daisy farm, Lake Road

Created by Maureen Higgins Seifert. The information provided is given with the intent of helping people find ways of finding lost family. Addresses listed with cemetery listings were taken from the local telephone book and comparing the information from the Cemetery Listing of 1994, by the Niagara County Historian's Office. These addresses are provided only with intent to help individuals in their search.

Corrections contributed 13 Jan 2020 by Lois Wiseman of the Historical Society of North German Settlements in Western New York, ten cemeteries listed in North Tonawanda are located in Wheatfield. Additionally, the following church buildings are located in the city of North Tonawanda while their cemeteries are located in the more rural Town of Wheatfield: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran, St. Mark's Lutheran, St. Matthew's Lutheran and Friedens.

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