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Grace Episcopal Church, Lockport

LDS Film # 1378646, Items 1-4 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1832-1859, 1885-1928
confirmations 1839-1857, 1887-1890, 1894-1928
marriages 1837-1859, 1885-1928
deaths 1832-1859, 1885-1928

All Saints Chapel, Lockport

LDS Film # 1378646, Item 5 (images available for browsing)

This parish was a separate group which merged with the Grace Episcopal Church around 1978.

baptisms 1897-1977
confirmations 1897-1979
marriages 1899-1977
deaths 1898-1978

St. Peter's Episcopal, Niagara Falls

LDS Film # 1378574 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1831-1929
confirmations 1829-1921
marriages 1847-1921
deaths 1846-1921

Church of the Epiphany, Niagara Falls

LDS Film # 1378600 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1858-1926
confirmations 1865-1928
marriages 1858-1891, 1895-1919
deaths 1858-1926

Deveaux Episcopal School, Niagara Falls

LDS Film # 1378627, Item 15 (images available for browsing)

marriages 1944-1956
baptisms 1898-1953
confirmations 1898-1944
marriages 1903-1944
deaths 1912-1947


Trinity Lutheran Church, Lockport (in German)

LDS Film # 1381940 (images available for browsing)

church constitution (organization and tenets) in English and German
various membership lists
history of the church in German 1860-1905
baptisms including date and place of birth 1871-1933
marriages 1874, 1880-1932
communicants 1872-1905
confirmations 1885-1919, 1934-1948

Methodist Episcopal

Newfane Charge or Circuit (prior to 1881)
Second Methodist Episcopal Church
United Methodist Church of Newfane

LDS Film # 1378854 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1863-1950
marriages 1863-1950
probationers' records including deaths 1863-1940
alphabetical records of members in full connection including deaths 1863-1931
class records including deaths 1863-1881
records of official members including deaths 1884-1907, 1927-1931
record of pastors including deaths 1909-1969

LDS Film # 1435380, Item 14 (currently no images online)

Records of Rev. E. J. Whitney marriages and burials with a few baptisms, 1875-1904

Records from Parma, Hamlin, Clarkson and other towns in Monroe County; Kendall and other towns in Orleans County; Wilson and other towns in Niagara County; and Castile and other towns in Wyoming County

Rev. Whitney officiated in the Newfane Methodist Episcopal Circuit.


St. Patrick's, St. John's and St. Mary's, Lockport

LDS Film # 1378572 (images available for browsing)

St John's baptisms 1853- Oct. 31, 1863; St Pats-St Johns baptisms merged Nov 1, 1863-1864; St Patrick's only 1865-1917 Images 5-360
St Patrick's confirmations 1868-1916; images 361-434
St Patrick's marriages 1873-1917; images 434-559
St John's deaths 1860- 31 Oct 1863; St Patrick's/St John deaths (merged parish) 1 Nov 1863-1864; St Patrick's only 1864-1917; images 560-775

LDS Film # 1324469 (images available for browsing) (see Baptisms of St. Mary's German Catholic Church on our site)

St Mary's Lockport Baptisms 1853-1917
St Mary's Lockport Confirmation 1860-1917

LDS Film # 1324470 (images available for browsing)

St John's Baptism index (by date of baptism) in English 1842-1917
St John's Baptism actual 1842-1855, 1864-1914
St John's confirmations 1869-1917
St John's Death 1865-1917
St John's Marriages 1865-1917

Genealogy requests for other years for these church records can be requested thru All Saints Catholic parish. St Patrick's, St. Mary's (Walnut St), St. Anthony's (Bristol St.) and St. Joseph's (Market St.) merged to form All Saints Catholic parish. See their webpage for information on how to request records:

St. Bridget, Newfane (mostly in Latin)

LDS Film # 1324442 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1877-1915
baptisms of Immaculate Conception Parish, Cambria, New York 1877-1917
confirmations 1882-1913
marriages 1878-1916, 1973
deaths 1859-1953
Saint Bridget's Cemetery records

Saint Patrick Rectory, Barker (town of Hartland) (mostly in Latin)

LDS Film # 1324451 (images available for browsing)

Includes records from Gasport and Somerset, New York which were part of the Newfane Mission.

baptisms 1858-1901
confirmations 1874-1884
marriages 1858-1901
deaths 1884-1901
cemetery plot survey

Good Shepard, Pendleton

LDS Film # 1378518 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1847-1901
confirmations 1854-1917
marriages 1848-1917
deaths 1847-1863, 1865-1917
cemetery plots

Saint Peter Rectory, Lewiston (some Latin)

LDS Film # 1378731 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1851-1905, 1851-1917
confirmations 1874-1917
marriages 1851-1917
deaths 1885-1903
Includes Niagara University baptisms 1862-1917

Saint Mary of the Cataract, Niagara Falls (mostly Latin)

LDS Film # 1324472 (images available for browsing)

baptisms index 1851-1908
confirmations 1861-1917
marriages 1851-1908
deaths 1861-1901

Sacred Heart Parish, Niagara Falls (mostly Latin)

LDS Film # 1324471 (images available for browsing)

baptisms 1865-1909
confirmations 1897-1916
marriages 1859-1918
deaths 1897-1921

Quaker Records


Quaker records, Hartland Monthly meeting, Niagara Co., N.Y : taken 15 of 2m 1821 : also removal certificates from 1822 to 1852 see:

Quaker births, marriages and deaths : from Hartland Monthly Meeting, Niagara County, N.Y see:

Monthly meeting records, 1821-1862 Vital Records LDS Film # 17269, Item 1 (images viewable only at an LDS/FHC location)


Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Niagara Falls Branch

LDS Film # 1927517, Item 4 and 5 (images viewable only at an LDS/FHC location)

Membership records 1885-1917
Children blessed 1892-1920
Marriages 1892-1918

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