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North Tonawanda, NY

Obituaries of individuals born in North Tonawanda, New York. 
Alt Flautt, Pauline M. 93North Tonawanda, NY01/04/2001
Bailey, F. Regina ( Mrs. )03/03/191089North Tonawanda, NY10/20/1999
Baily, F. Regina ( Mrs. )03/03/191089North Tonawanda, NY10/20/1999
Ballings, Henry J. 69North Tonawanda, NY09/01/2000
Barrett, Kimberly 20North Tonawanda, NY03/21/2004
Batt Hartnett, Kathleen [ Ness ]11/16/191391North Tonawanda, NY07/13/2005
Batt, Marcella B. [ Quinlan ] 90North Tonawanda, NY04/10/2002
Berry Kralick, Stephanie Rae05/25/198516North Tonawanda, NY01/06/2002
Brown, Arnold C. 85North Tonawanda, NY04/18/2002
Buddelmann, Martin W. 59North Tonawanda, NY07/14/2002
Camann Zimmerman, Richard Charles05/16/193075North Tonawanda, NY09/02/2005
Collins Sewell, Jeannette E.04/10/194358North Tonawanda, NY10/12/2001
Dazos, Pamela F. [ Quarantillo ] 45North Tonawanda, NY03/11/2002
Denk, Walter J. 81North Tonawanda, NY07/21/2000
Diebold, Lynn A. 64North Tonawanda, NY10/01/2001
Donner, Timothy L. 59North Tonawanda, NY04/02/2005
Dornfield, Albert Carl 88North Tonawanda, NY01/10/2004
Drozdek, Martin J. 31North Tonawanda, NY12/28/2000
Fedeson Krawczyk, Alfred "Alfie"05/03/192480North Tonawanda, NY02/10/2005
Fedeson Krawczyk, Chester M.01/15/192382North Tonawanda, NY08/02/2005
Fitzgerald, Hazel W. [ McDermott ] 88North Tonawanda, NY11/28/2001
Folmsbee, Bert H. 80North Tonawanda, NY02/21/2003
Giza Doerfel, Susan E. 15North Tonawanda, NY06/19/2002
Gross Garlapo, George R.10/24/192183North Tonawanda, NY11/18/2004
Gworek, Clara N. [ Gandt ] 87North Tonawanda, NY09/18/2000
Hilliard, David L. 47North Tonawanda, NY06/07/2002
Jones, Douglas L. 66North Tonawanda, NY05/26/2005
Koithan Wagner, Ruth K. [ Janowsky ]03/16/192578North Tonawanda, NY02/13/2004
Koithan, Jane 71North Tonawanda, NY02/21/2003
Koithan, Jane [ Broecker ] 71North Tonawanda, NY02/21/2003
Korczykowski Piotrowski, Florence [ Meldzuk ]06/09/192678North Tonawanda, NY06/05/2005
Kovach Toth, Elizabeth [ Frizzell ]07/26/191590North Tonawanda, NY11/17/2005
Kreciejewski, Louise [ Balcerzak ] 91North Tonawanda, NY04/06/2002
Krull, Daniel J. 61North Tonawanda, NY09/03/2000
LaJoie Miller, Charles J.05/04/194263North Tonawanda, NY10/23/2005
Lane, Marjorie L. [ Peckham ] 70North Tonawanda, NY04/18/2000
Lasher, Glenna ( Mrs. ) [ Bazinet ] 76North Tonawanda, NY11/23/2001
Leverenz, Brenda E. [ Schneller ] 43North Tonawanda, NY06/02/2002
Maerten, Clarence A. 70North Tonawanda, NY12/09/2001
Martin, Linda Sue [ Townsend ] 62North Tonawanda, NY03/09/2002
Measel, Benjamin H. 50North Tonawanda, NY05/10/1997
Miller Gademsky, Virginia [ Baldwin ]  North Tonawanda, NY01/08/2005
Miller, Pauline N. ( Mrs. )05/17/192772North Tonawanda, NY02/01/2000
Mills, Valerie Jean [ Lootens ]10/22/196139North Tonawanda, NY09/05/2001
Minervini Abbattista, Frank N.03/25/193273North Tonawanda, NY09/10/2005
Morgan, Frederic H. 75North Tonawanda, NY12/12/2000
Muck, Dorothy H. 93North Tonawanda, NY02/25/2002
Murphy O'Brien, Frances [ Sommer ]11/08/191193North Tonawanda, NY11/09/2004
Neumann, Janet A. [ Crosby ] 66North Tonawanda, NY03/14/2002
Oelkers, Mary Jane [ Mabey ] 81North Tonawanda, NY05/04/2000
Plumsteel, Winifred B. [ Taylor ] 91North Tonawanda, NY04/04/1993
Prudden Cash, O. Niel07/10/194360North Tonawanda, NY01/31/2004
Reinbolt, LaVerne King 86North Tonawanda, NY09/22/2001
Rumbold, Mary [ Carrigan ] 68North Tonawanda, NY07/17/2002
Schendel, Theodore A. 72North Tonawanda, NY02/18/2003
Schoelles, Kermit W. 75North Tonawanda, NY12/09/1999
Seeloff, Albert F. 81North Tonawanda, NY11/05/2001
Sikorski, Stanley O. 84North Tonawanda, NY08/21/2002
Sitzman, Helen E. [ Theel ] 85North Tonawanda, NY01/15/2003
Smith, Lois [ McNulty ] 83North Tonawanda, NY03/27/2002
Steck, Walter H. 79North Tonawanda, NY06/12/2003
Stubbs, Barbara H. [ Frase ] 61North Tonawanda, NY07/10/2002
Tischendorf, Shirley G. ( Mrs. ) 83North Tonawanda, NY03/27/2007
Vanderheite, Richard 57North Tonawanda, NY02/19/1995
Wilke, Gertrude M. [ Pashong ] 71North Tonawanda, NY06/01/2002
Wrege Badrow, Irene [ Ramo ]11/18/191787North Tonawanda, NY02/16/2005
Zitzka, Ronald G. 54North Tonawanda, NY02/11/2000
Zuch, Edwin G. 72North Tonawanda, NY04/11/2000

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