Niagara County

Civil War Diary of Shedrick Jackson

The writer was Shedrick Jackson, a barber of Middleport, who was married to Sarah Wiles, the sister of my g-grandmother, Angeline Wiles Chrisman Saxton. Shedrick was a very light skinned Black man (possibly Mulatto), who served in the 140th NY. The diary covers the entire year of 1864, and concludes with a poem written by Shedrick. Donated by Peter Scarborough


Jan 1st
Cloudy & cool things somewhat fluctuated? the boys are building tents
2d Intensely cold very little snow very little done in camp it is Rather the toughest time the Regt has ever had
3d Pleasant & cool the boys are very bissy at their Houses a large detail went out
4 snowing all day boys working on their winter quarter somewhat crowded for room nothing of importance has occurred
5 cloudy all day sleet and rain all night there is nothing of importance today we partroll the R.R. every Hour
6 Pleasant all bissy on shanties all quiet in this vicinity no news of note
7 Clear and cold the new uniform came it is a little gay a large fatigue went after wood the turns? drawing wood nothing new
8 Snowing all night & very cold pickets went out & fatigue turns drawing wood things are getting a little comfortable
9 Cool & cool the boys are bissy on their house nothing new today
10 Clear and cold gloove are very acceptable the boys hogg the fire
11 Clear & cold Fatigue went out cutting wood all is bissy at something the camps
12 Pleasant and warm Fatigue party went out and a large Picket things quiet
13 Warm & Pleasant the trains are running freely today and a great many going on furlough
14 some what windy nothing new boys cleaning camp things begin to look in stile
15 warm and thawing a man over ????? by the cars this a.m. all is bissy and building officer quarters
16 warm & pleasant there is no news of importance fatigue Party went out as usual
17 Pleasant and warm there is nothing going on in camp the boys are playing games &c we took up a colection for Saint Mayrs Hospital
18 Cloudy & Rainy all day choping wood &c things very quiet
19 Showers all night & windy & cold today it has been a long day nothing new today has come under my observation
20 Pleasant and cold went up to the station some of the boys were tied up for gobbling Flour, all is quiet
21 Pleasant a very quiet day and very muddy went up to the station they are building a small fort
22 Pleasant & very still nothing of imporance large quantities of army goods came up today on the trains also a great many troops
23 Pleasant & warm Plenty of Policeing l the stumps were cut in camp, the turns? are drawing wood all is quiet
24 Pleasant & cool inspection at 9 a.m. had Divine servis at Brigd church and at the station
25 Pleasant & very warm the warmest day we have had this winter washing a capt of the 155 got drunk and got drownded in a creek
26 warm & pleasant all quiet in camp a large detail went out this p.m.
27 Pleasant & cloudy nothing new in camp I went up to the station the remains of capt in 155 were sent home a great turn out
28 Pleasant & warm things are bissy in camp no news of any kind
29 Pleasant & warm a large detail went to build a block house and a stockade at the bridge
30 Drissly all day all is quiet in camp
31 Rainy all day orders to fall out at a moments notice no inspection very little work done

Feb 1 Rainy day and a rainy night wood detail went out for wood &c.
2 Pleasant & warm large fatigue parties went on R.R. all quiet
3 Windy & cool we had a thunder shower last night & a drizzly time this p.m.
4 Pleasant and warm Curtis went Home Lieut. CorCourtney appointed to a camp [capt?] Every thing is quiet
5 Cool and windy large Fatigue went out no news of importance and all feel in good spirits
6 Drizzly we had Brigd Review it was spoilt by the Rain heavy fireing toward front at intervals this p.m. nothing new
7 Drizzly, Rain all day nothing goin on today
8 Pleasant & a little windy a large Fatigue went out there was a drunken ??? in Lieut. Munn's tent
9 Pleasant we had Brigd Review Rather a muddy time the 140 & 146 & 155 came out in Zouavs rig Genl Ayres & lady were present
10 Cold & windy Heavy Fatigue went out today no news of note
11 very windy and cold chopping wood no drill there is too much work to do
12 Pleasant & warm large Fatigue as usal for wood &c I went up to the station nothing new
13 Pleasant Plenty of work and nothing of note today
14 Pleasant inspection as usal Divine servis at the station I attended in the eve the church was crowded
15 Pleasant Curtis came fatigue as usal I was up to station express boxes came
16 Cloudy & cool Fatigue as usal I went up to the station Had a little time,? and cider
17 Pleasant a heavy frost plenty of work it is getting very cold by Col Ryan tells S. Munn that he will find himself out of the servis if he does not stop getting drunk
18 Cold & windy Fatigue did not go an acct of the wind Col Otis goes Home in the morning
19 Very cold & windy no Fatigue all hugged the fire, nothing new I went up to the station
20 Cold and still nothing going on in camp the boys camp? in doors
21 Pleasant & cool inspection in Heavy marching order all quiet
22 A beautiful Day the boys are all chopping Fatigue as usual and fixing up camp
23 Pleasant and warm Pickets went out very strong and working Parties some firing direction of Warrenton
24 Cold & windy Pay master in camp two months Pay all ???????
25 Pleasant & warm nothing going on in camp went up to station spent some money all is quiet
26 Cold & windy Fatigue went out a Hundred men are choping here for the Govt no news of importance
27 Pleasant & cool Fatigue and cleaning camp for inspection
28 Warm & windy Inspection all is quiet in camp
29 Pleasant & cool we musterd for pay Col goes to the wood on a run to see what the fireing is it is the wagon gards discharging pieces there

March 1 Very Heavy Rain & snow nothing is doing in camp very quiet & no news
2 Pleasant but cold Fatigue went out as usal turns drawing wood
3 Pleasant & warm Lieut Buckly fired on by Gurrillas turns [teams - teamsters?] went after birch to make bake over for Regt.
4 Pleasant & warm all quiet Fatigue Parties went out
march 5 Cloudy & Rainy nothing going on in camp only cleaning up for inspection
6 Pleasant but cloudy Inspection in light marching order Aster [?] returned to the Regt
7 Pleasant & warm cleaning camp and Fixing up I went to station there is nothing of note
8 Cloudy & Rainy all is quiet no news of importance
9 Pleasant & warm we Had squad drill this am & pm
10 Pleasant & warm drill as usal lieut. Genl Grant visited the army of Potomac
11 Cold & foggy Rain with thundershowers Col. Ryan went to Washington or ??
12 Pleasant & warm all quiet in camp Genl Killpatrick's cavalry returned from Raid to Richmond
13 windy with Rain very dark the Patrolls are on the travel all night a relief placed under arrest wild gees yelling all night
14 Cold & windy Inspection in heavy marching order Divine servis at Brigd Chapple
15 Dark & foggy with squalls all day Picket cept out until 11 am
16 Cold & windy Fatigue chopping stumps in & around camp whiskey pretty freely in camp
17 Cold & windy no drill the officer pretty jubelent all is right
18 Pleasant the Regt ordered to cep [?] their cloths on all night we have been building back fence all night [?]
19 Pleasant the picket strengthened also Extra cartridgs irrived officers have a gay time in the absence of the Col ??
20 Pleasant Inspection nothing new in camp
21 Pleasant & cold squad drill heavy canonading in direction of beverly ford no news of importance
22 Cloudy and snowing nothing new in camp
23 Clear & cold Snow a foot deep the Paymaster arrived all are ancious for Pay.
24 Pleasant & still washing drill by batalion all correct gay [?] drill
25 Cloudy & Rainy there is no end to the trafic for the front they come by regts
26 Very cold & windy very hard for boys on quiet the boys hogg the fire a day
27 little Rain last night warm & muggy Fatigue went out there's no news in camp
28 Pleasant company Drill a.m. & p.m. commence (amemence - immense?) number of troops going to the front with artilery
29 Cold & windy with a little Rain Capt Leper goes Home Discharged from ??? and we received some ??? for Regt
30 Clear and windy the mud is drying up drill & fatigue heavy picket out tonight
31 Pleasant & warm Target practis and Co Drill commence ? amount of troops going to the front I went up to the station and bought foderies ?

1 Pleasant this am Rain this pm target practis this am artilery and infantry to the front by trains ??? lot of them
2d Snowed all day & rained p.m. very hard time for those on Picket & guard Boys hug the fires rather close
3d Wet & Rainy inspection & dress parade all quiet
4th Pleasant & warm company drill a.m. Rains this p.m. I went to the station for Popers ?
5th Very Rainy Lt. Pool ad? for Picket Book $13
6th Constant Rain during the night & day an amt of troops going to the front
7th Very Pleasant target pratice this a.m. regt out on skirmish drill this p.m. Last letter $5
8th Pleasant skermish drill dress parage this p.m. letter from J.F. Countersign drunk
9th Rained all day Capt Sulivan goes home to be mustered out the U.S.A. a regular tornado of Rain tonight
10th Warm & still spring like morning thunder storm this p.m. Lt. Buckley appointed Capt of Co. E Lt. Hamilton appt Capt. of Co K Pool appointed q-master
11th Cloudy cold day no drill all quiet no mail
12th Pleasant little Rain during the night Regt out on skirmissh drill nothing of note only [?] hard tack
13th Pleasant fatigue went out this a.m. Large picket force this p.m. All quiet on the left
14th Pleasant Lt Pool sends a fellow to the guard House with ball & chain Bake[?] Pork & Brens [?] for dinner all right.
15th Pleasant I went out on fatigue for wood had a jolly? ????????? this p.m.
16th Cloudy & cool Lt Pool went Home on leaf of absance Cleaning camp all quiet
17th Drissl Rain all night & this p.m. company's are all packing their extra clothing anticipate a move
18th Pleasant no drill this a.m. dress parade this PM divine service at the ????? the pine ??
19th Cloudy & cold this a.m. Batallion drill this p.m. Gay Bost ? - Beaf & pork for supper
20th Pleasant & warm company drill this a.m. Batallion drill & dress parade this p.m. all quiet on the left
21st Pleasant Brigad inspection gay old time cleaning today Batallion dril P.m. ???? ???? evening well improved by the Boys some of foul ball ???
22nd Pleasant & warm a Batallion skirmish drill this a.m. Batallion drill this p.m. quite ???? news of importance
23rd Pleasant & windy the regt??????????????
24th Very beautiful day Pork & Beans for dinner I attending divine servise at the station Visited the members of the 151? NYV
25 Pleasant & warm this a.m. Slight rain laast eve Batallion drill this P.m. nothing of note
26th Pleasant Burnside said to be on the Rappahannock with fleet of Gun boats & transports Large Picket went out this p.m.
27th Pleasant & warm Batallion drill this a.m. Baked Beans for dinner member of Co D makes applications to attend military school
28th Cold & windy Heavy Batallion drill Burnside at Manassas ?? today nothing of importance in camp
29th Pleasant Burnside force go by a routen ? the picket caused by whiskey ???? sent cloths & ???? in all quiet at night
30th Slight ?? of rain Struck tents 11 a.m. moved passed Bealton station halted at 5 p.m. warm & windy segt Maltin reduced for putting his role on the wagon with ??? Bother a fast march today

May 1 1864
Pleasant morning moved at 8 a.m. within a mile of Brandy station thank a provdance ?? just a sprinkle & a clouded sun Very hard marching to day
2d Pleasant this a.m. we have a tornado of dirt this p.m. & rain the same eve. No mail to-night.
3d Windy & cold tops of the Blue ridge mts covered with snow Struck tents this p.m. moved within a mile of Culpper Passed ? p.m. Ordered to ly down as soon as posible we will move at 12 M apple trees are in full bloom
4th Moved at 12 M it made Stevensburg made Germania fuard Halted for Rest Rested two hour 2 p.m. moved ??? ??? ??? No Rebels found after leaving the Rapidann 140th called the best Regt in Brgd for marching by Gen Ayres ordered to fill canteens for early long march on the morrow took the ??? leading to Gordonsville
5th Pleasant up at 3 Rebs reported coming up from mine run at 3[?] a.m. Col Ryan ordered to erecting? Baricades at 10.30 moved out toward M.R. directley firing during all the fore noon a faint [feint?] of a charge fell back 12.30 the start ordered at 2 p.m. missing some 266 of the Regt Capt. Grantsynn, Capt Myre, Capt. Abott Lt. Hume & Lt. cammel [Campbell] wounded Capt. Hoyt Lt. Hamilton Lt. Shannon Lt. Pool Lt. Cribin & boys are Prisoners I went to the Hospital Ed Wadhams wounded Thomas Smith Col Ryan came to see to see how the wounded wer cared for
6th Clear & still Fighting at 5 a.m. 140 in 2d line Heavy Fighting direction of Chanclorvill I went to the Regt twice it is a very warm eve
7th Pleasant very heavy fighting at intervals I helped to care for the sick at the Hospital Preperations are in proggress to move the wounded to Frederkcisburg
Col Ryan was kild [note in margin between entries for 7th and 8th]
8th Cloudy but pleasant 140 at Spotsylvania Heavy fighting doubled quick a mile through bushes woods and lots into the Rebs and out again terable fighting til after dark our lines repeatedly broke an overwhelming charge of Union forces some ground gained I am on my way to fredericksburg
9th Very warm 140 building Breastwork all night Constant fireing all day I am with the wounded near Fberg ????????? very short Lieut Campbells wound painful
10th Pleasant this a.m. p.m. extremely warm 1st brigd building works wer driven off 5 times we sent out a heavy skirmis party 140 relieved to get something to eat for the first time since yesterday morn
11th Pleasant this a.m. thunder showers this p.m. constant fighting all day 140 got shelled freely by the Rebs I was at F-berg it is very hard times here with nothing to eat only what is got of the sanitary commission they are doing great good
12th Very rainy all day very bissy in the Hospital up all night a large train of wounded came in this p.m. Heavy fighting all and night a heavy storm at night
13th Cloudy & Rainy the wounded are dyeing very fast for want of cair 140 moved to the left and ??? says the Rebs cant be found this a.m. Skirmising at 11 a.m. shelled freely this p.m. pretty freely by the sound
14th Cloudy & very muddy moved to the left 140 past burnsides corps halted in the mud for an hour forded a River rainy at 7 p.m. the Rebs attack and cary the position 1st Brigd charges and retakes & holds them I am getting ready to go to Washington
15th Very Showery all day at night wer relieved by 6 corps made an attack on the Rebs at Spots Ch I started for the boat with capt & lieut there is a great many with us Very bad cases
16th Cloudy and Rainy 140 under arms all night & day waiting an attact on Sp CH the boys in better spirits got Rations beef, Pork &c.
17th Cloudy & cold a member of Co. I kild ??? ??? & wounded 2 others at dark 140 moved forward 200 yards and put up breast works in advance of the whole line very bissy all night
I am on my way to Washton there is near 1200 on the boat no news of importance
18th Pleasant very warm at day light Reb ?.?. shelled out of the woods from 8 to 10 am well shelled by the jonnies no firing on picket line today I arrived at Washton at Macon? House
19th Pleasant a quiet night Rebs advanced their line during the night Quite a reb attact but were repeled finely 1st brigd double quicked to corps Hqts & back I have been very bissy here in we have had company
20th Cold and wet 140 lay on there arms all ngith Ready for fight I have ben on the run all day to Sanitary? &c & for company m?? was here, in Washington
21st Pleasant & very warm 140 lay on arms all ngith quiet by left this am made journey? at sun down went on a mile to bivouck in a wheat field wheat in blossom also black berries I went a round town and seen some sights in Washton
22d Intnecely warm got up at 3 moved at 10 by short marches made 12 miles at bowling Green the advance skirmished Pretty freely with the jonnis I went to the Pay master got Pay for capt & Lieut went to theater in Was
23d Very warm marched at 4 am & forded the N anna advanced & at sundown a sudden attact for a short time an hour built Riflt Pits were attacted 3 times during the night
24th Pleasant 140 lost but few last Eve but by the looks this am the jonnis lost heavy at 4 Pm moved to RR here Genl lee back down or get a whiping I am in W. Capt & Lieut starts for home I goes all over this place see the Elephant
25th Pleasant & warm at 5 moved to the Junction 2 miles Rifle pits made & Pretty lively scarmishing this Pm a few minutes lively shelling of the Rebs by 12 guns near 140 it Rained very heavy this pm 8 30
I am in Wash and went to theater and found one 155 Pa and went to the Ver??? also other places and got to bed at one p.m gay old bed I bet
26 a big Rain storm from 1 am to 7 am the heaviest since j??? out & ??? very thick a few Pionears that wer captured on 8th returned at 9 PM recrost the N.a. Ry muddy & dark halted at
27 2 am advanced at 4 am halted at St. Falls Ch? Very raining sandy roads & a beautifull Rainbow at 10 30 Pushed on with all posible speed till dark it is very hot this Pm not a stop for drink burn some buildings I went to Alexandria and stayed all night
28th Very Warm moved at 3 am were through mongolick & crost the Pamunkey at 11 moved out to Halt Regular band played Battle Cry of Freedom a brisk fight of our cavelry at sundown we formed in line and rested I left Alex for the front
29th Clear & cold north wind moved at 5 am 50 miles then threw up brest works considerable scarmishing the men are all sore & stiff I am on the ????? with 112 Pa H Arty
30th Cloudy & cool artilery fireing on our right 5 corps on extreme left ?? moved out on the Cedear Graval? Road pretty lively times till dark in getting up defense at sundown a smart attact on our Right the Pa Reserves in changeing Position of troops to the right
31st Cloudy & Rainy heavy fighting on our Right last Even at noon moved 1/2 mile to left intensely hot heavy fighting on the left Relieved by Burnside at dark Had a lively time putting up work and intrenchments.

June 1st 1864
Pleasant & warm 140 moved back early in the morning lay in a thick piece of wood till noon then moved up to some thick buchy wood was briskely fired on by sharp s and well shelled brisk scarmishing between the lines and Heavy Fight on the left I arrived at Port Royal it is a dirty place found some of the boys there

2d cloudy and warm Picket bissey all night at noon orders came to pack up 3 Pm fell back 2d line then a mediately Retook the first a smart thunder shower at 4 fighting on right & Rear Regt left brest works pell mell for 3 hours 1st Brigd left unprotected fell back 1/2 m

June 3 1864 to a more defendiv Position Cloudy & Rainy throwing up entrenchments more or less fighting all day Heavy arty firing on our left at 8 Pm I left bowling green for the Regt. very Hard marching

4th Pleasant am & Rainy PM a heavy fight on the left this Eve lay with acctriments for an attact I came up to the 8 NY Cavly got something to eat and went on came to a portion of the 9 corps then took another Road heavy fighting on the left

June 5 1864 Cloudy & Rainy was watched closely by the Reb Pickets twice attacked in the Eve at 11 Pm hurried out of entrenchments a perfect botch made of it we marched all night Halted on Janis? Farm near Cold Harbor on the Pamunkey I got to Regt all Right

6th Pleasant & warm we drew Rations Cle? Miller came also John Odgden I commenced cooking for covetry & Allen I seen J.T. Famhary

7th Cloudy & Pleasant mail came 1st Division for deep Bottom but ar driven back I went a swimming with Cle M

June 8th 1864 Cloudy & cool we clean cloths and are fixing up Reports & ?? &c heavy cannonading on the left and Picket fireing on the right

9th Pleasant & a slight Rain we had a Division Review by Genl Ayres very dirty place

10th Pleasant there is some talk of moving in the some Heavy fighting on the left this Pm the extra goods came up we got some things and all our Old mail more troops passing to the left

June 11th Pleasant up at 2 am moved at 4 toward bottom Bridge halted at 11 within a mile of the bridge a ???? but well shaded good news from the captured boys of the 5 of May

12th Cold am Very warm Pm How sweet the birds are singing Police camp struck tents & moved near Long bridge on Chickahominy Very heavy march a deserted country

13th Pleasant it Rained last night we moved at 11 am crost Chickahomny 2 or 3 miles Halted then went on a mile or so formed line of battle threw up works at sundown moved by a Path through the woods went to within 8 miles of harrisons landing Past st marys church marched till 11 Pm an earnest fight by the cavalry this am

14th Cool & cloudy up at 4 am at 5 left St. Marys Church went over beautiful Va at noon at Charles City C.H. the boys are out forageing all day

15th Cold this am sun intensely hot Col Otis in command of Brigd the 14th Brooklyn consolidated with 5 NY heavy canonading in the distance

16th up at 2 march at 4 made Wilcox Landing at 7 am a Beautiful morning crost James River went on 2 miles stoped for coffe & have then pushed on with no Halt till 10 Pm stoped 10 minutes no stop until 2 am of 17th

June 17th we have layen down for an Hour very Hot & still a force march from 3 till 7 am it is said to be 3 miles from Petersburg we lay down for a little Rest Heavy fighting in our front again in to strong line of Rifle pits

18th Warm & Pleasant at 6 am we moved down 1 1/2 miles crost Norfolk RR advanced made entrenchments again advanced & got shelled off the ground then dug the Pits moved 40 Rods and get shelled for 1/2 hour then moved 30 rods & lay down in pits 1 kild 10 wounded in ???? Cap Harmon wounded Capt McMullen sick at 9 am & goes to the rear

June 19th Very warm and dusty the Regt in intrenchments all day & a continual firing by the pickets cept up on both sides I went for rashins C.G came up & issue 4 days Rashions S.C.h. bread 2 of Pork There is present for duty Capt. Clark Lieut Hess, Courney & Allen

20th Pleasant & warm Capt. McMullen came at this am Genl Ayres is wounded Lieut Davis & Malloy returned Brig Genl Hays assumed comd of the Brig Col Otis returned to the regt artilery duel this PM Rashions came heavy picket fireing all night Poor sleep for those in the pits

June 21st Very warm all day Very foggy this morning Constant picket fireing with a occasional artilery fight heavy fight on the right

22d a most beautiful morning and the Pickets are very bisy through the day it is intensly hot ???? lying in the entrenchments 2? days rashons S.C. n tack, pork apples whisky the 20 Corps moved to the left toward night an hour may fighting for miles around Petersburg the constant roar of Battle I seen Charles & Truman Miller

June 23d Beautiful morning through hte day hot & still the Picket line advanced last night the boys are very bissy How beautiful not a cloud to be seen Pickets very bisey with a little artilery dueling at 9 p.m. a Reb attact readily repulsed

24th beautiful am very hot through the day a little artilery firieing this am the air is very foul it is very still drew 2 days Rashins C.G. Pork, hard tack potatoes apples &c

25th Warm & Pleasant Heavy picket fireing on the line an attact along the line in the eve nothing of it 1 days R - Soft Bread, beef, onions from ???

June 26th Warm & Pleasant all very still excepting an occastional shot from T.G. Drew Rashions HB. S. C ???

27 Pleasant this am a trifle little rain this pm dug out pits and put up bushes to shade us a little Rashions beef Considerable shelling during the night

28th A cool day Very little Picket fireing at 12 m wer Relieved by 15th H.A. 2 days Rashins whiskey S.? H.B. cab, 1 day beef?

29th Extremely warm laying behind entrenchments were are say 1/2 mile from the line a letter from albert one to ??? one to Ed Cleaning up a little

June 30 Pleasant bisey making out Pay Rolls I went to George Gabbott some of Co. K got d.d? drunk and had a mus with H co Very little picket fireing

July 1 1864 Very warm & still Artilery fireing with constant Picket fireing some what of an attact on the left this eve I went to cook for Col Otis

2d Very warm & dirty Very little Picket fireing 2 days Rashions C.G. Pork, HB from I Com Peaches Pickles mutton Beef with tomatoes all is quiet in our front went up to see J.T. Farnham

July 3d Pleasant & warm layed out camp ground & cleaning up Very little fireing no mail I should be pleased to be at home to attend chores [in margin] ????? camp 1/4 mile in a wood

4th Cloudy but warm ??????? of fireworks & artilery all day as if neither Party would celebrate for the other Policeing camp &c

5th Pleasant with a coom norn Billigerents quite civil each other still Policeing 3 days Rations S.C. HB candl soap 1 day Pork from Ganty commishions Pickles &c

July 6th Pleasant & warm all quiet in camp unusual quiet last night nothing worthy of note

7th Pleasant & still almost a Rain! a great time blacking up and washing 2 days Rations S.C. HB. soap candals Beens Pork Potatos

8th Pleasant & warm very warm Brigd Inspection little or no fireing today until this PM Rebs attacted another fort but wer Readily Rebuked

9th Pleasant & warm all quiet 1 day Rashions HB 2 day S.c apples ???? Potatoes Pork

July 10th Pleasant & warm usal inspection no mail all is quiet in front there were but few wounded in the attact

11th Pleasant & warm Every thing quiet very little fireing on Picket line Co. E finished there well lucky boys

12th Pleasant and very Hot in the woods the least posible? rain fell last night a stray shot comes now & then

13th Pleasant and warm left at 2 am left every thing in camp but one day Rations at day light moved 1/2 mile Brigd bissey felling timber under cover of which rebral ? forta ar being constructed 2 days R C.I H.B. ?????? and whiskey How are you Washington no mail

14th Weather very mild go in Raiders? very pleasant in the woods from I Commissary Pickles onion tomidoes all quiet except Picket fireing

15th Pleasant all quiet as at home I stay with ??? F and C.I Miller fort old gay? there is a Rhumer that some of us are going to Washington how are you W

16th Very warm all very quiet here bouts nothing to mar camp life or to trouble a poor G all is well that are well no news of any inportance

July 17th Pleasant & warm at 9 Pm went out to support 3d Mass Battery a beautiful night drew Potatos Tomick Pickls onions &c

18th Pleasant a long weary day considerable excelent mortar Practis no fireing between Pickets armies within easy talking distance Relieved at 9 Pm

19th a beautiful Rain till noon Clear this Pm a very still day in front

20th Pleasant & warm Heavy artilery Practis in front 3 days Rations C.I. HB Pork fresh meat Potatos beets beans Vinegar salt no news of importance

July 21st
Pleasant & warm bissy soldiering 3 dy Rations salt beef S.C. 2 day HB d apples Potatos beets Pickles all quiet no mail

22d Pleasant & warm inspection a dispatch to Lieut Genl Grant from Genl Sherman all quiet

23rd Pleasant & warm a large abundance of artilery & mortar fireings went at last eve to the front from Gen Commissar onions Pickels

24th Policeing and fixing up Pleasant a great many Visitor in camp a large mail this Pm all quiet in front

July 25th Cloudy & cool Hevy Rain last night a large Fatigue Party went out to work on fort this Pm no mail

26 Pleasant & cool Fatigue went out as very still on the line no mail 2 days Rations C.G. HB. Pork Pot &c

27th Pleasant cleaning camp all quiet on the line some of 108 here to day antisipate an attact ??????

28th Pleasant & cool a little???? last eve Very hot & still this Pm large Fatigue this am nothing of importance

July 29th Pleasant & very Hot Bissy Policeing a large Fatigue went out at 4 am 3 days Rations C.G. HB Potatoes 1 day pork

Pleasant up at 1 am moved at day light near the front fort as our morta batteries & Parriots opend ???? of mortar and Parriots on the Rebs one Reb fort blown up a brigd or more charges and goes ovr it and a heavy fight goes on all around & the Erth fairly shook under our feet the right goes on until dark Our Brigd Returns to camp all quiet Very Heavy Picket fireing in front

July 31st Pleasant & very warm Capt Grantsynn came also J Munn a heavy fireing on Picket line all night nothing of note today no inspections

Aug 1st Pleasant & Hot such wether mite be cald warm Very quiet on the line Capt Campbell came this am from I Com Pick & Tom [side note] I reald? my happiness today

2d Very warm no air ??? all quiet on theline 3 days Rations G.C. HB soap ???? ?????? turnips cabage

3 Pleasant & warm J R lister promoted L maj C Froen comy I all quiet in camp and Picket line

Aug 4th Pleasant & warm Brigd inspection ordered a few ??? ??? no mail larg Fatigue went out this am to work on fortify ?????

5th Very warm too hot to do anything a Reb 32 Pr shell visited the camp killed one man in 5 NY other wise all quiet

6th Pleasant & warm 3 days Rations C. I Bread Pork Tom onions soap ???? all quiet in camp and Picket line no mail

7th ?????? warm inspection church in 146 NY all quiet on the line and camp

8th Very warn no dist????? a large Fatigue went out this a.m. all quiet on our line heavy canonade on the Right.

9th Pleasant Very still in camp went out to see what was to be seen all is quiet on the line 3 days Rations H.B G.C. beens 1 day beef Pork

10th Intenseley warm a large fatigue went out Policing camp ??? ???

11th Pleasant & warm INspection & dress parade drew one days rations C.S HB beef all quiet on the line and camp

Aug. 12th Pleasant & warm a large detail went out to night 3 day Rations. H.B. S.C. 2 ?? bacon 1 lg? cod fish all quiet except a stray shot now and then

13th Warm Very Sunny South indeed? a sharp fight for an hour last night this a.m. Soft break &c. a large fatigue went out to night

14th Rain this a.m. Pleasant this pm Capt. Mc goes to Div Hospt considerable moveing ? going on dress parade 2 days Rations Pork S.C. HB all is quiet on the line & in camp

Aug 15th Intensly warm Capt Mc goes to City Point Hospital little Rain this pm 2 days Rations Break S.C. beef bacon mackrell

16th Pleasant & warm Very quiet Very hot last night drew soft Break Very quiet in front

17th Pleasant. Call at 1 a.m. struck tents at 2 a.m. all ready to fall in all day at night a shower wet us down

Warm intensely hot turned out at 1 at 4 moved out on the Jeruselem Plank Road 3 miles turned to the right going to the Weldome Road and began tairing it up with all fury Heat awful oppressive in a mafe?
at 2 p.m. sent out our men on skirmish line a greatt many were sunstroke the regt cr? through the woods the skirmish line drive in & Regt driven back Rain this pm & through the night the 5th 146 lost heavely

19th Cloudy & Rainy at noon rain very heavy fighting all the Pm ? armstrong kild Frost? taken prisner but got back at dark at sundown retook the line of breast works the 140 affine? to the west side of R.R. the mud is over shoe top cam? is plenty at presant all rations are wet in Haversacks

Aug 20 Rainy & cloudy & cool this am sources/ say a few Rode S of R.R. filling up a gap in the line of battle worked very hard in getting up a breast work at 9 Pm ordered to tair it down Rain Rain Rain layed down an hour or so Picket line attacked rite lively Boys felt bully Sold standing in the rain and darkness with the breastwork leveled down

21st Toward morning fell back say 1/2 mile between 9 & 10 am attacked on 3 sides for an Hour the shelling we got from the Rebs were most awful there infantry makes Repeted attacts Rained nearly all night T.C. Frost missing ???? ???? ??? Heads in the Am S.C. tonight the teams made a scidaddle also dogs

22d warm & cloudy Strengthing entrenchments very little Picket firing today a heavy shower this PM

23d a great amount of rain last night Capt. McMullen died today at Seminary Hosp Georgetown D.C all quiet on the line

24th weather quiet & warm mooved camp policeing very litttle picket fireing on the line and men came to campI went to see some of the 3d N.Y. C. but found none I knew

Aug 25th Pleasant & warm at 12 M fell in to repell an assault and ??? ??? every time repulsed a shower at night Boys under arms all night Sergt Haslepp comes up and a few others report all well Pretty quiet on our line

26th at day light mooved back to our old bivuac heavy canonading direction of Petersbg 3 days rations prisners come in freely

27th Heavy wind & rain last night all quiet in camp and on the line a few Prisners came in talk freely and in good Spirits & say that Lee will have this R.R. in a few days "Can't see it in that Light I no."

Aug 28th Pleasant warm at early day light under arms & so all day J. Munn comes up as Sutler gives orders freely "all is well"

29th Pleasant & warm Regt out on Fatigue in fort very hot through Thrday? Whiskey rations twice a day 1/2 quinine the Sutlers ??? lost up in a figt

30th Pleasant & warm all bissy on muster Rolls tresperacle? fort at dark the our post captured on picket line sharp picket firing for a few moments

Aug 31st Pleasant & warm we marched for Regt inspection this Pm Boys under arms from noon until dark all is quiet on the line expect S.S. which are trying their skills.

Sept. 1st Pleasant & warm large fatigue went to work on fort no picket firing policeing camp &ce

2d Cloudy & Raing all day Very dull in camp and nothing going on in the vicinity no mail for 140 not a shot fired on our line thats post? old guy

Sept 3d a {unreadable words] nothing going on in camp some fixing houses &c I have been to 1st Brigd 3 Div to see J.F. Farnham the Regt went out at 4 am on Fatigue

4th Pleasant there is an abundence of whiskey & quinine in camp Fatigue as usal all quiet on picket line.

5th Pleasant & warm mooved camp this PM what a salute the Rebs need? at 12 M last night laying at this poor luck pointing then too a thunder Storm at dark how your you Jonnie Reb

Sept 6th Policeing camp a bissy time for the boys Very quiet on the line some Heavy canonading on the Right last eve

7th Pleasant a little rain last eve Out post attracked this am and 10 men capt and official news of the capture of Atlanta by Genl Sherman whiskey Rations played out good.

8th a cold night today Pleasant all quiet in camp & on the line Sid Munn taking orders "Bulley for him."

Sept 9th Pleasant & warm large fatigue went out to work on the fort all still in camp very little mail

10th Pleasant very warm at 3 Pm Regt out on Fatigue also a vigorous attact on our right only a mile below Building a magazin in fort

11th Pleasant & warm all quiet today nothing stiring boys Cleaning up & some going to Church all correct?

12th Cloudy & cool Company drill another dry drilling for us nothing new boys diging wells.

13th Pleasant & warm a reqissition for Clothing went in all is quiet on the line

14th Cloudy a triffle little Rain no drill all full of fun the boys begin to feel their "oats"

15th Pleasant up at 2 am & under arms a reconnoisance in force went out to the left at 6 am Regt went on Fatigue all quiet no news of note

Sept 16th Pleasant
Up at 4 Regt stacked arms Ordered in line at 7 1/2 to attend the exicution of _ of Md rigd for Deserting to the enemy at 6 1/2 risk fire on the picket line put us in breastworks till 10 am a hundred rounds Ctdges all quiet again

17th Pleasant & very warm Squad Drill this am Regt went on Fatigue Requisition for clothing

18th Pleasant all is quiet in camp & on the line no news of any kind Things work to a charm "Bulley for him" "or any other man"

Sept 19th Pleasant & warm some picket fireing on the right with little mortor practis our line quiet no news

20th Pleasant one company drill 2d & 3d Driills thia am Brigd drill this PM with dress parade no mail

21st Pleasant Company Drill and Brigd drill 2day Rations bread S.C Potatos bens all quiet on our line some Picket on the Right Pleant of work going on Reparing Roads &tc

Sept 22d Pleasant & cool Considerable rain last eve Brigd review by Genl Ayers Col Otis comd. rigd all went off fine

23d Rained very hard last night Pleasant Squad & company drills Division Review all quiet a large mail came

24th Pleasant & warm. Rained last night Paymaster Presant for duty: drew 82 Dollars.Evacuation fo Petersburg Report? and latest

Sept. 25th Pleasant & cool Heavy artilery fireing toward Petersburg all day Paymaster takes checks to washton and delivers them to Express Co. & Returns as Recruts?

26 Pleasant & warm Adjt Campbell goes to City Point this am with the finds? of the regt Very kind in Him.

27th Pleasant S Drills & Dress parad Co. C miles of Cheering to night there is something on the wind good

Sept. 28th Pleasant & warm Drills S & Comp Brigd at 8 PM Ordered Regular guard mounting at 8 am we shal [unreadable words] at 9 PM a sharp fight at Fort Warren at 10 Ordered to Pack up & be Ready to moove at 2 am in the morning adjt Campbell came back drew at 12 m bread Port SB &ct.

29th Pleasant & cool up at 2 am under arms all day a sharp fight at Reams Station ford? at sundown no news from there
all quiet on our line

Sept 30 Pleasant & warm up at daylight mooved at 8 a a smart fight about noon the 1st Division 5 corps flanked the Rebs out of several forts at dark threw up extra words on the right of a fort near a capt Davis Hous Hospital at Popler Grove Church sharp picket fireing during the evening T. Tooplin came

Oct 1st Very Rainy all day at day light Regt went on Picket within 1/2 hour charged on by a Reb skirmish line & a heavy line of battle fell back behind the fort to Earth works a smart 3/4 hour fight the Rebs came up within speaking distance when they Recd with a shower of lead that they went back like sheep

Col Otis comdg the Brigd Capt Clark the Regt Early in the action Col Otis wounded badly in the face and carried off the field 3 PM working on the Breastworks the Rebs Had one or two Pieces of artilery which shelled the woods for a time we Had none until the fight was over nearly "bad job that" "I had a very narrow Escape lucky boy I."

2d Cloudy & Rainy the sun out at noon Rain all night no fire Very gray morning at 9 Am scarmish line advanced 3/4 mile scarmishing this PM what a place for a Regt to line heavens Protection from [unreadable] senile officers the major of 146 comdg Brigd and may his officers life be verry brief the Regt fot on the left of the fort at dark very little fireing tonight

3d Cloudy and cool little quiet today at 4 PM tore down Brest workds & fell back 1/2 mile in piec of woods

4th Pleasant Clearning of camp & Piling brush this PM Brigd Returned near to old camp left on the 30th
a most famious assalt on fort Darling this Eve "all some what fatigues and fell like takeing" a good nights rest

Oct 5th Pleasant & warm some Bisy on quarters Regt out on Fatigue this PM all quiet in front all feel somewhat better this am

6th Pleasant & very warm all bissey cleaning camp and making things comfortable

7th Pleasant & warm Heavy canonading in the night in nabor Hood of Richmond General Gard mountain at 8 am all quiet except a few shots on Picket line

Oct 8th Pleasant & warm at 6.15 am Ordered to pack up every thing at 7 am with 146 & 5th mooved out to the Picket line 5th and 146 on Reserve 140 going into Picket line Pickets advance 100 rods active scarmishing all day at 4 PM Capt Davis's Hous burnd by our troops the 44 assigned to 140 NY

9th Pleasant Regt came in at dark last even quite cold this am all are bissy with the [unreadable word - Rations?] Every thing is quiet on our line no news mail came a book from NY

Oct 10th Pleasant but cool a good Round? frost this am all is quiet no news only Policeing camp for something for the men to do

11th Pleasant we mooved camp this PM the Regt has been out on Fatigue all day building Entrenchments

12th Pleasant Regt out on Fatigue Rebuilding breast works all is quiet no news in camp

13th Pleasant Regt out on Fatigue breastword and diching? camp all quiet on our line some fireing on the Right

Oct 14th Pleasant a little voting for Lincoln but it does not work well Heavy frost this am cold nights for sleepting a few jonnis came in

15th Pleasant Heavy frost last night Regt out on Fatigue I went to the Station all quiet on the line

16th Pleasant Inspection of extra clothing a detach for Provo from our Regt Every thing is in trimm and quiet

17th Pleasant two Sculkes drumed through camp from 5 NY Brigd drill by Col Winthrop a Huge thing all quiet to night

18th Pleasant Policeing this am Brigd Drill this PM went to see if J. Farnham there is no news of importance I build a shebang

19th Pleasant with a Heavy frost this am Heavy fireing all night toward Petersburg official report this Eve gave most glorious news from the Valley and there are miles of cheering for Sheridan.

Oct 20th Pleasant Regt turned out to see Genl Grant & Mead things go quietly on a few Res comes in

21st Pleasant & cool Drills, Regt out on Fatigue quick time to the Extreme left of the Union lines & back all to get her lost at sundown
with an [unreadable word] mooved back again full 3 miles stacked arms then Returned to camp at 8 Pm what a wild goose chase was this out to slash timber boys are haveing a gay time Barking howling calling dogs fort old gay [unreadable word] what is the matter

Oct 22d Pleasant but cold this am Drill for the same a cold dark storm of wind & dust at 4 PM all quiet on the line

23d Pleasant Inspection there is something up who knows what it is you tell

24th Cold & windy drilling [unreadable word] the same by Capt Clark all quiet a few Rebs come in

25th Pleasant & cool Brigd Drill drew Zouave uniform all is well to night no news of note

26th Plesaant Heavy frost this morning we had Inspection in hevy marching order troops mooveing all day a few more Rebs came in all quiet

27th Plesant Up at 2 am left camp at 4 am a few drops of Rain a shower of Rain this PM marched not more than 4 miles the 2d & 9 corps a head of the 5th heavy fighting toward sundown the 2d corps 2 hours rain in the Eve at dark mooved back one miles and camped heavy Picket fireing all night

Oct 28th Pleasant & cloudy Rather west bed last night in the cornfield troops mooveing Early this morning started for camp at 11 am was folowed closely by Rebs at first got to camp at dusk all is quet

29th Pleasant Boys all bissy fixing up camp again mail came boys feel good

30th Pleasant Inspection about midnight a most furious Reb attact upon a fort near Petersburg rebs got Pretty badly Handled Heavy frost.

Oct 31 Pleasant Inspection & muster Heavy frost & a cold night Every thing quiet on the line 2 Rebs came in.

Nov 1st Pleasant all bissy on Pay Rolls Every thing is quiet to night not a shot fired on our line

2d Cloudy & Rainy the Regulars leavy for NY bissy on a shantee one man missing in the Regt supposed to Have gon with the Regulars

Nov 3d a drizzly muddy day boys bissy fixing up very little going on out of camp quietness Prevails

4th Very windy & wet all bissy on winter quarters so thought a little a fraid we'll leave them soon all is quiet as usual.

5th Pleasant mud drying up very bissy on shantees no news of any kind I went to the Station

6th Pleasant another fight last night near Petersburg 1/2 an inch oice this morning very cold overcoat comes in Play also gloves

Nov 7th a Rainy day nothing going on as much Capt Clark goes Home on furlough a few more Rebs come in last night

8th Pleasant Old clothing came that was sent a way last spring very quiet last eve

9th Pleasant & warm Capt. Grantsynn is commanding the Regt boys all like that

10th Very Rainy this [am] and Pleasant this PM Brigd Drill PM Rather a tough affair a great amount of grumbling

Nov 11th Pleasant cool mornign othing going on in camp Sharman departed as mooveing on Savannah that's what the matter without a Horse

12th Pleasant Rain all night it is quite cool this Pm all is calm as a [unreadable word] morning on Picket line

13th Cold & windy Inspection battle record of 5 corps Big Bethel, First Bull Run, sieg of York town, Lees Mills, Williamsburg, 7 Pines fiar oak, Hanover CH , Mechanicsvill, Gains mills, Peach orcherd, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Glen Fall, Malvern Hill, Ceder mountain, bristow, Gainesville, 2d Bull Run, Chantilla

14th Pleasant & warm Every thing is proggressing finely if it will only stay so no fireing to disturb the Peceful slumbers of a soldier

15th Pleasant & warm Received clothing for Regt Had dress parade all gay

16th Brigd Inspection ordered & countermanded. Battle Record South Mountain, Antietam, Shepardstown, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Sige Suffok?, Gettysburg, bristoe Station, Rappahannock St., mine Run, Wilderness, Laurel Hill, 3 times engaged on 3 successive days, Spotsylvania, N. Anna, Totopotomy creek, Bethesda Church, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Weldon R.R. 3 days engaged, Peebles farm, Hatchers Run,

Nov 17th Pleasant & warm Brigd Drill made a [unreadable word] nothing but grumble by the boys they are near right

18th Pleasant boys complaing of short Rations and policeing camp all is calm

19th Heavy rain last night very windy and muddy all are [unreadable word - feeling or fairing] very good quietness Prevails

20th Very rain all day also last night very steady no inspection
Every thing is quiet and working quiet easly

Nov 21 1864 Cloudy & drizzly most of the day Heavy Rain last night growing cold this PM nothing to mar our Happiness as Soldiers

22d a ferocious cold wind all day and last night ice 2 inches thick seems like winter Here boys ceep close to a fire to day

23d Cold an abundance of ice this am the Regt building abbattis one cmpany drill 17 lbs H Bread for 27 Rations & what will be done Capt. Grantsynn in command of Regt.

Nov 24 Clear & cold morning a few more deserters from the Rebs they say that the Jonnies are evacuating Petersburg Why not 3 1/2 lbs Sugar for 27 Rations what next [unreadable word] cheating

25th a most beautiful day the day after thangsvigen but nothing in shape of eating has yet arrived al quiet

26th another beautiful day for thanksgiven one fine turkey one chicken (rotten?) a few bits of cake, half dozen nuts & 30 apples for 27 men Very good we keep a fight up How are you

Nov 27th Pleasant a little Rain last night Inspection, another small turkey poor? at that 12 apples a small pickle for 27 men wont we be sharp

28th a beautiful day Brigd drill a great many reports about sharman will be the country be safe "Yes"

29th Pleasant and warm Sharman keeps at the jonnies Lieut Shedd Returns to Regt goes in as Qm Lieut Courtney [unreadable words] and arrived to Co. H

30th Pleasant nothing going on in camp Charls C. Miller & I went to City Point had a dry time but got some poor? picktures taken, got back at 9 PM all Sound

Dec 1st 1864 Pleasant & cool Camp & Garrison Equipment? condemned every thing is on the go

2d Warm & cloudy no Rain good news from Thomas how are you [unreadable word] Big things from Sherman if [unreadable words] said to have gone south with one corps who believes a deserter wh wouldn't what's his [unreadable word]

3d Pleasant & warm more like may than Dec I mooved on foot [unreadable word]

4th beautiful main? inspection and preparing to move Oh how we dread it it will share Rain as the 5th corps moves

Dec 5th Pleasant & cool the move ordered to get ready waiting to move why don't they move that and what's the matter with the hose?

6th Pleasant & cloudy. a little Rain last night we are waiting to moove why not

7th a heavy rain from 8 am to 2 Pm up at 4 move at 6 toward Jerusalem Plan Road toward Weldon verry Rappit marching Sandy Road the 5 Corps & 1 Division 2 corps one division of cavalry

Capt Grantsynn is in command of 140 Got thrown in creek as? horse steped at 3 p.m. near the Nottaway

Dec 8 Pleasant the boys all foot soar up at 1 am & off at 1 Pm Reached the Weldon RR at the crossing of the nottaway the Bridged urned at noon
tore up the track till one am of the 9 a [unreadable] freezing night, 140 on picket for 2 hours at the Bridge ties piked up and Railes placed across & bend

9th Cold & windy up at 4 am off at 7 am and imediately commenced tearing up the track about 3 Pm reached the M[???] River with evening troops crost and tore up the track at 9 pm rain & sleet all night is extremely cold Prisners are few the boys are altogether played out to night & a great many buildings burned

Dec 10th Cold & cloudy up at 6 ice 1/2 inches thick on the tents that were up Road floded with Rains & mud Rained all day halted at 5 p.m. within 2 miles of Pasex? Ch an awful time for a march a gread deal of Rain during the night

11th up at 5? am Rain all night off at7 am fording creeks first business Road clay & slippery stragglers that by? Guerillas & buildings burned in retaliation after [unreadable] mooved and mile or so & bivouacked for the night unusual kindness for we all wer tired out the Mother contrabands and her little children Oh is heaven still watching it is very cold

Dec 12th Pleasant & cold up at 4 off at 7 Roads froze up solid travel quite briskly halted near the white house on the Hancocks St bivouac in a piece of wood

13th Pleasant & cool I went up to old camp Ordered to move camp 5 or 6 rods In for winter quarters a [unreadable word] very few in Regt Have to bee 6+ 11? uniform in size & style [unreadable words]

14th Pleasant & cool all bissy on huts & some after axes but are scarce all is quiet on our line but in front they are pretty free Picket fireing

Dec 15th Pleasant & warm all are very bissy on House &ct Capt. WSG?{Grantsynn} has a commishin a Lieut Colnol some lively Picket fireing in front this PM

16th Cloud but Pleasant the Division turned out to the exicution of a deserter of the 7 Md who turned Garrilla Boys bissy as bees on quarters

17th Still & cold Boys bissy and working hard they suffer some with cold Borrowed some axes from the Enginier corps.

18th Cold and clear some lively Picket fireing last eve Boys very bissy oh how they work

19th A little Rain Very cloudy ds not interfere with the boys they are determined on having a house up

20th Pleasant Some clothing came they are needed Some are barefooted all quiet

21st cloudy and cold A big rain and sleep freezing Hard things are proggressing lively some Picket fireing with artilery fireing last night

Dec 22d
Cold & windy. Still bissy on the Shantees look more like House

23d Cold & clear some wind all bissy as usal Good news from Sherman, Thomas, Porter & better all around Good

24th Pleasant & cold clearing up for Inspection boys getting comfortable again

25 Pleasant & cold a dry Christmas went to Corps Hdqts Have Roast Beef, Roast potatos, plum pudding, bread butter coffee cheez for dinner the officers all feel gay tonight

Dec 26 Rain all night a drizzly day all is well & bissy & in good spirits the latest is capture of Savannah Bulley for that How are you Reb

27th Cloudy and cold a very Rainy night things are getting comfortable some lively Picket fireing on front and artilery

28th Warm & Pleasant Rains all last evening I spoke of having a house Capt. WSG says he will have some men help me that is kind and generous

Dec 29 Pleasant & cloudy it Rained all night a few flakes of snow fell muster rolls are here again Hope pay will be next

30 Fizling? or foggy & rainy all day my House is up and quite comfortable all are bissy on muster rolls

31st Snow to rain all day muster for 2 months pay by Capt Grantsynn a home affair all is great in front, flank & rear I satisfy? o see 1865 it came with snow? at 12 1/2 PM

Notes: Listing of Casualties in Officer's corps from May 5 on
Present for duty officers [assumed on Dec 31, 1864]
Capt. W Grantsynn
Capt W Clark
Capt ED Davis
Lieut P Hess
Lieut Courtney
Lieut. J.H. Wright
Lieut M. Mahar
Lieut Shedd
Capt J. Moloy

Poem? Dying on the Field of Battle
Dying on the field of battle
Dying where my comrades grave
Lying where the musket battles
Lying wounded and alone
no beloved one to carress me
On my brow the death dew stands
no soft voice to sheer and bless me
as I near the spirit land
Life is sweet for those who love me
Wait my comeing wait and pray
ut that world is far above me
Angels cheer me on my way
Soft the starry flag floats around
Victors shoots are ringing round
Brave have crost the flood before me
Hundreds from this battle ground
Now deth clasps my chilling fingers
and my heart beats feebly now
But bifore ebbing, pulse yet lingers
though the deth dews are on my brow
Mother! God! my country! dying
oh! the waves roll chill and high
Is that mothers sweet voice crying
weep not that your boy must died
- written by S. J. Jackson

I am very very sad to night
and weary of the world
For hope have lost its cheering light
and pleasures flag is furled

My heart is dead to reply
To love and friendship lost
Like some

No gentle voice greets my ear
No gladsome sunny smile
dispels the heavy cloud of care
and lonely [unreadable words] befuil.

In heavenly chimes, forever bloom
The flowers of Pride and love
No falsehood hate - no silent toomb
Can blight the soul above

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