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Porter's Past - Sep 1998

Newsletter of the Town of Porter Historical Society
Vol. 22, No. 1, September, 1998
Vee L. Housman, Editor


September 21, Meeting

Rev. Jacob G. Denny of Ransomville will be our speaker. Several years ago he came into possession of a series of old letters written to a girl in Easton, PA, during the Civil War. The letters were written by her brother and by a friend of hers, both of whom were soldiers in the war. Rev. Denny will share the contents of the letters with us and describe how the girl and her family might have felt when reading of their experiences on the battlefield.

Up-Coming Programs
Museum Acquisitions

Do you know anyone who isn't a member? Why not invite them to join us at our September meeting. Rev. Denny will be presenting a fascinating talk and the refreshments are always guaranteed to be delicious. And if you know of anyone who would like to receive a copy of our newsletter or if you would like an extra copy or two for yourself, let Cora Gushee know and she will be glad to oblige. Spread the word that our meetings are thoroughly entertaining. They don't even need to know that they're educational as well! This year promises to be the best yet!


(Towers Corners)

Register of Attendance in School District No. 2
Town of Porter, County of Niagara
Term Commencing: May 6th Ending September 6th, 1867
Attendance of Teacher: Jesse A. Phillips
Pupil's NameParent's NamesAgeApprox. Yr. of Birth
Willie H. LloydThomas Lloyd141853
Albert E. LloydThomas Lloyd061861
Kate E. MoagSamuel Moag121855
Elberteen E. ShippySamuel Shippy141853
Florence A. BalcomMilo Balcom141853
Albert J. BalcomMilo Balcom101857
Charley MossIsaac Moss111856
Marium E. MyersWilliam Myers081859
Rollie G. PhillipsThomas Phillips061861
Charley H. AllenGeorge Allen111856
Walter W. AllenGeorge Allen091858
Arthur CanfieldJames Canfield071860
John MendhamRobert Mendham111856
Willie MendhamRobert Mendham091858
Julias M. RipsonWilliam Ripson131954
Lillie B. CowanPeter Tower061861
Bessie E. CowanPeter Tower051862
Albert JillsonLoren Balcom081859

(Blairville) 1848
Sanders ReadersMorses GeographyAdams Arithmetic
Sanders SpellingMitchels GeographySmiths Arithmetic
Browns GrammarSmiths AstronomyDays Algebra
Preston on BookkeepingColburns Mental Arithmetic

(Zittles Corners at Porter Center and Youngstown-Lockport Roads)
Size ofSize of
Warren BristolMay 184246W. Edward KnowlesNov 184955
Warren BristolOct 184341William Cay T. BarrettNov 1851??
Mary ChubbuckMay 184357Mary QuadeMay 185248
Douglas EatonMay 184362Mary E. EatonNov 185245
Lucinda McArthurApr 184464N. J. RobinsonNov 185338
Stephen H. BakerNov 184453Amanda HarrisNov 185539
Mary ChubbuckMay 184565Mary B. BloodgoodDec 185632
Dorothy MoagSep 184540Mary ParksMay 185732
Almond ComstockNov 184560D. W. EatonDec 185741
Susan JohnsonMay 184639Fanny E. MossMay 185832
Sarah JohnsonMay 184639Henry S. KnappDec 185838
Fatima QuadeNov 184636Mary ParksApr 185940
Mary R. BrightonMay 184733E. H. CampbellNov 185940
Hannibal GaskillNov 184731Ann QuadeMay 186040
Mary A. BrightonMay 184839Clara N. HigbeeNov 186039
Adelia H. CobbNov 184850Emma E. McColloughMay 186134
Hannah WhitfieldApr 184939
Niagara Courier, Niagara Falls, NY, September 27, 1892:

YOUNGSTOWN: We are indebted to the Youngstown News of the 9th for several interesting items:

Miss Sarah Swain has accepted a position to teach school at Great Falls, Montana, and left last week for that place.

Miss Carrie Barton has returned to her position in the Nebraska University, after a two weeks visit with her relatives and friends here.

Niagara Falls Gazette, Niagara Falls, NY, September 11, 1926:

Youngstown Union School Opens With Increase In Attendance Over Last Year; More Rooms Needed; Professor A. E. Barnes, of Clyde, NY, is Principal; More Expected to Register After First Fruit Picking Is Finished; Use Temporary Room.

Niagara Falls Gazette, Niagara Falls, NY, September 14, 1926:

The Misses Marian Lutts and Sara Smithson left Tuesday for Brockport, NY, where they entered the Normal school.

Miss Henrietta Wills left Monday for Pennsylvania where she has accepted a position as teacher of Domestic Art.

Miss Margaret Tower left last week for Geneva where she will teach during the present school year.

Miss Helen Root and Mrs. Jessie Girling returned Tuesday to their duties as teachers in the Lewiston school.

Miss Caroline Bullock, Harriet Hill and Edith Robertson returned Tuesday to Niagara Falls where they will resume their duties as teachers.

(Amended 1895, 1896 and 1897)

PRIVIES--The trustee or trustees in the several school districts shall provide suitable and convenient water-closets or privies for each of the schools under their charge, at least, two in number, which shall be entirely separated each from the other, and having separate means of access, and the approaches thereto shall be separated by a substantial close fence not less than seven feet in height. It shall be the duty of the trustee or trustees aforesaid to keep the same in a clean and wholesome condition. . . .


Niagara Falls Gazette, Niagara Falls, NY, September 27, 1876

MURDER AT YOUNGSTOWN - A horrible murder was committed near the village of Youngstown, in this county, last Monday. Patrick Donovan, an aged and hitherto respected resident of that vicinity, made a murderous assault upon his wife and one of his daughters, cutting both terribly with an axe. Mrs. Donovan subsequently died of her injuries. The daughter, Maggie, about eighteen years of age, will, it is hoped, recover.

After committing the terrible assault Donovan ran to the lake and jumped in the water. He was pursued by the neighbors, and voluntarily came out of the lake and delivered himself up, saying that he had intended to commit suicide, but had concluded that such an act would be wrong and hence he changed his mind. The wretched man was taken to Lockport and safely lodged in jail.

Donovan claims that his wife and one of his sons have been trying to poison him. There is no doubt that the murder was unprovoked and cruel to the last degree. It is claimed that the man is insane. About a year ago, it is said, while Donovan was digging a grave in the cemetery he was over come with the heat, and since that time has been mentally unsound. He was taken to Buffalo hospital, and had recovered to such a degree that further restraint was not regarded as necessary, and he had been with his family for some time.

Donovan moved to Youngstown from Ohio thirty-five years ago [1841] and has during the greater part of his residence there worked as foreman on the works at Fort Niagara. His family consisted of himself and wife, three daughters and three sons. The children were so advanced in years as to be able to care for themselves. They moved in good society, and were known only to be respected. One of the sons, Edmund, has taught school in the village. The two older sons, John and Cornelius, are contractors and have been working in the State of Michigan during the present season. The daughters have remained at home.

A coroner's inquest was held on the body of the murdered woman, Saturday, by Justice Warren Jackman. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased came to her death at the hands of Patrick Donovan, her husband, while laboring under a temporary fit of insanity.

[Editor's Note: Patrick's wife, Julia Donovan, was buried in the Catholic Cemetery on Oak Street. Her tombstone shows that she was born April 1818 and died Sept. 21, 1876. Patrick is also buried there. He was born March 16, 1812, and died March 3, 1900. He lived to be 88 years old. Daughter Margaret recovered from her injuries and by 1880 she had become a 24-year-old school teacher who was living with her sister, Mary Donovan, in Youngstown.]



Contributed by Vee L. Housman, courtesy of Town of Porter Historical Society.

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