Niagara County

Town of Hartland

Named From a Town in Vermont, the Town of Hartland was formed from a part of the Town of Cambria on June 1, 1812. It is the central town upon the east border of Niagara County, NY. The Towns of Royalton, Somerset and part of Newfane were taken off in 1817, 1823, and 1824 respectively. The first settlement was made in 1803, by John and David Morrison. Zebulon Barnum, Jedediah Riggs, Isaac Southwell, and Dan'l Brown moved into the town the same year . A. Barnum and Oliver Castle following in 1805.

The first death was that of Isaac Southwell in 1806; the first inn was opened by Jephtha Dunn in 1809. The first store by Dan'l VanHorn in 1816. The first school was taught by Nancy Judson in 1818. The principal streams are Eighteen Mile and Johnsons Creeks.

Other locales in the Town are Johnsons Creek, Hartland Corners, North Hartland, Middleport).

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