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1897 Biography - James F. Wolf

Wolf, James F., was born in Cambria, April 24, 1875, a son of Bryan and Mary (Shehan) Wolf, natives of Ireland, he born February 14, 1824, at New Castle, West county, Limerick, and she born May 14, 1842, in County Limerick. Dennis Shehan and family immigrated to Cambria in 1859, where he followed farming; he died July 4, 1888, and his widow in August, 1895. By this union there were ten children: Thomas, Mary, Margaret, Michael, Johannah, Annie, James, Ellen, Catherine and Dennis. By a previous marriage to Margaret, daughter of John and Bridget (Gearry) Howe, natives of Ireland, Mr. Wolf was father of seven children: Bridget, John, William, Patrick, Bernard, Edward and Richard. Mrs. Wolf died April 14, 1861, and Mr. Wolf married Miss Shehan, July 13, 1862. The parents of Bryan were Michael and Margaret (McMahon) Wolf, natives of Ireland, he of Limerick and she of County Kerry. Michael Wolf was educated by his father, Patrick Wolf, who was a graduate of Maynouth College, Ireland, graduating at the age of twenty-four and teaching until forty-two years of age. He died in 1784, and his widow in 1801. Michael Wolf was a farmer, but a man of great business qualities, being executor of many estates and known as Capt. Wolf. Politically he was against the Union and was an eminent man; he died March 16, 1848, and Mrs. Wolf died December 19, 1869. The parents of Patrick were Morris and Ellen (Costello) Wolf, farmers of County Limerick, Ireland. The parents of Margaret were Bryan and Ellen (Moore) McMahon, who died in County Kerry, Ireland, he in 1816 aged 102 and she in 1791. Bryan Wolf was educated at All Hallows College near Dublin; during his school days he spent two years, from fourteen to sixteen years of age, on the Ordinance Survey of Ireland, under McKenzie, colonel of Sappers. After finishing his schooling, his father through his dislike of the British Government, would not consent to his again entering the service, although young Wolf was an expert surveyor and mathematician. He was then for a number of years engaged in farming and mercantile business. In March, 1855, he came to Cambria and in June his family arrived; since then he has resided in Cambria and has reared his large family, by hard work and made many friends. Politically Mr. Wolf was an eminent man and now an independent Democrat. The family have from the first adhered to the Catholic faith.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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