Niagara County

1897 Biography - Edward J. Tuttle

Tuttle, Edward J., was born at Shady Center, September 18, 1825. His father, Abner Tuttle, came to the town of Royalton in 1823, where he was engaged in contracting and building; he moved to Michigan in 1838, and died in Richfield, Ohio, October 18, 1864. Edward J. Tuttle was educated in a log school house and learned the carpenter's trade of his father. In 1854 he married Eunice, daughter of James Compton, sr., and they have one son, Edward Compton. In 1884 Mr. Tuttle built the block that bears his name; he has served the town as president for two terms, and always takes an active interest in educational and religious institutions.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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