Niagara County

1897 Biography - Walter A. Scott

Scott, Walter A., M. D., was born at Readsboro, Vt., March 25, 1871, and is a son of S. Walter Scott, M. D., of Troy, N. Y. Mr. Scott attended the public schools at Greenwich, N. Y., whither his parents had removed in 1883, and at the age of eighteen he entered the Syracuse (N. Y.) University and was graduated from there in the medical department in 1892. During the following year he was house surgeon at St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, and in January, 1893, removed to Niagara Falls, where he has built up for himself a large and paying practice. He was appointed health officer of Niagara Falls in April, 1896, to succeed Dr. J. H. Meehan, and is still an incumbent of that office. On April 26, 1893, he married Daisy Tallman of Syracuse, and they have one daughter, Louise A.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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