Niagara County

1897 Biography - J. H. Rumbold

Rumbold, J. H., Wheatfield, was born in Tonawanda, and has been associated in the lumber trade all his business life. The firm of Rumbold & Bellinger was formed December 1, 1891, and they have occupied their present premises since May 1, 1894. They enjoy a high reputation as business men and handle from twelve million to thirteen million feet of lumber annually; their yards have a dock front of 600 feet and a depth of 1,500 feet. Mr. Rumbold is a member of the Odd Fellows fraternity and is regarded as one of the representative men of North Tonawanda. His grandfather, George Rumbold, was one of the early settlers in the town of Wheatfield, and purchased land near where B. F. Felton's farm now lies. Mr. Rumbold married Loretta M. Campbell, and they have one son, Roy C.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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