Niagara County

1897 Biography - James E. Rock

Rock, James E., was born at Niagara Falls, N. Y., April 9, 1871, and is a son of James Rock, retired. James E. Rock was educated in the public and parochial schools of Niagara Falls and at the age of twenty-one entered the dry goods business, as a partner of the Hon. Thomas V. Welch, and remained as such until 1892, at which time he bought out his partner's interest in the business and has since successfully carried it on alone. Mr. Rock possesses a finely trained tenor voice and is frequently heard in amateur operatic productions. He has been a member of the Niagara Falls School Board since the organization of the city.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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