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1897 Biography - T. U. Parsons

Parsons, T. U., was born in Wilson, August 26, 1833, a son of Capt. Sylvester and Abbie G. (Dearborn) Parsons. Captain Parsons was born in Parsonfield, Me., which place was named after his father, Thomas Parsons, a son of Joseph Parsons of Springfield, Mass., known as Cornet Joseph, who died in 1684. The family descended from ancestry in England. Thomas Parsons was born in Bradford, Mass., September 18, 1735; he married twice, first to Anna Poor of Andover, Mass., who died May 24, 1783, and his second wife was Lucy Bradbury, who died November 11, 1811, and he died the same year, leaving a family of nineteen children. He owned 64,000 acres of land which was granted to him in 1771. Capt. Sylvester Parsons was born May 4, 1797, and in February, 1829, with his wife and three children, came to the town of Wilson, locating on a farm of 118 acres, now owned by T. U. He died August 12, 1860, and his wife, born January 6, 1803, died February 5. 1890. She was a daughter of Benjamin, and granddaughter of Major Green Dearborn of Revolutionary fame. A brother of T. U., Sylvester Parsons, spent his life in Wilson, was a graduate of Williams College and Geneva Medical College. He was both a physician and attorney, and married Donnie Wilson, granddaughter of Reuben Wilson, and daughter of Luther Wilson. Dr. Parsons died February 22, 1877. T. U. Parsons was educated at Wilson and graduated from Fulsom's Commercial College of Cleveland. O. His principal occupation now is farming, the farm where he now lives containing 118 acres, thirty-six of which was originally owned by the founder of the village. He is a Prohibitionist in politics and was a Republican in early life; he is an ardent Free Silver man. May 4, 1864, he married Debora Scarborough, and they have one son, William of Colorado. Mrs. Parsons died April 7, 1865, and October 8, 1873, he married Jennie dc Rochemont, born in Newington, Rockingham county, N. H., who was educated and graduated from Bradford Female Seminary in 1869, and was a teacher in Wilson for one year.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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