Niagara County

1897 Biography - Willard Hopkins

Hopkins, Willard, was born in the town of Lewiston and has been engaged in farming and fruit growing all his life. He is in fact one of the most extensive fruit growers in Niagara county, having upwards of 300 acres of fruit farms picturesquely situated on the banks of Niagara River, besides other fruit farms situated in the Model City and on the shore of Lake Ontario, having about 30,000 fruit trees in bearing. He was one of the pioneers in planting extensive peach orchards on the Niagara frontier. He married Sarah A. Peet, and they have two sons: W. Frank and Silas Seward. His parents were Silas S. and Abigail H. Hopkins, and his father was one of the best known and most honored men of his day in the town. His grandfather, Silas Hopkins, was one of the pioneers of Lewiston and was the first county judge in Niagara county. W. Frank Hopkins married Mary Tower of the town of Porter. The name and history of the Hopkins family are inseparably associated with Lewiston from its early days down to the present time, in which the family continues to uphold its old-time prestige.

Contributed 2017 by Lisa Slaski from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1897

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