Niagara County

Biography - Judah BUTLER

Judah BUTLER born 28 May 1800 in Niagara County, New York. [His parents haven't been identified yet. Any help with this would be appreciated.] He married Cleora Arms MIGHELLS/MILES on 16 Feb 1821. She was born in 1804 Niagara County, New York, to parents Elihu MIGHELLS (1777-1811) and Rebecca Arms HULL (1788-1871). On 21 Mar 1822 Judah bought lot 6, section 9 in Lockport, Niagara County, New York. Judah and Cleora had six children, William H. (1826-1905), Armenious F (1827-1890), Oscar F (1833-1856), Sophronia (born 1834, married Mr. RHODES), Edwin M. (1835-1922), and Alfonzo (born 1839). The 1830 census shows Judah and family were living in Lockport, Ward 2, Niagara County, NY. The 1840 census shows they moved to Erie county, New York. The 1850, 60, and 70 census, show they were living in Thetford, Genesse County, Michigan. Judah BUTLER died 16 Feb 1870 in Thetford, Genesse County, Michigan. His wife, Cleora, died 09 May 1869 in Thetford, Genesse County, Michigan.

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