Niagara County

1897 Biography - Michael Burke

Burke, Michael, one of the representative builders of Niagara county, was born in Ireland, December 18, 1847, a son of Thomas and Margaret (Eagan) Burke, both living in Lewiston. He came to America with his parents in 1851, settling in the town of Lewiston, and since 1872 Mr. Burke has been a contractor and builder and has also been interested in farming and fruit raising. The builder is the most important factor in the growth of the country, for he erects the houses in which we dwell and the edifices in which we carry on the business of life, and Mr. Burke has done a great deal in this respect in and about Lewiston. He built the residences of Messrs. Rumsey, Hopkins, Bedenkapp, also that of Mr. Lawrence Burke, his own fine residence, one for his parents and many others here and in Youngstown. He has also been prominent in the public life of this part of the county, having been trustee of the, village several times, and president of the village in 1895-96; he was also superintendent of the poor for a term. In 1870 he married Sarah Rudland.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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