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1897 Biography - A. F. Burgess

Burgess, A. F., Manager for Merriman & Merriman.-Among the lumbermen of North Tonawanda, special attention is made of Mr. A. F. Burgess, both because of the large interests he represents in this great lumber center and because of his own success. Mr. Burgess is a native of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, but has been connected with the lumber business of this country for seventeen years and has been manager for Merriman & Merriman since January 20, 1895, on which date they opened their office in North Tonawanda. He was an assistant manager for an Elmira lumber house before assuming the duties of his present position, and under the able management of Mr. Burgess the business of Merriman & Merriman has grown to large proportions in North Tonawanda. They handle ten million feet of lumber annually in their yards, which has a dock front of 500 feet and a piling capacity for ten million feet of lumber. This handsome business reflects great credit upon Mr. Burgess's management of the business, and it has all been built up in two years, the business being started new and not succeeding any other concern. The success of this enterprise also emphasizes the fact that North Tonawanda's lumber interests are still on an ascending plane, and it is pleasing to recognize the success that Mr. Burgess has made of this business in the greatest lumber center of the State. Messrs. Merriman & Merriman have their head office in Williamsport, Pa., and own mills and timber lands in the Kushaqua Valley, the sum total of this business being very large. In January, 1897, this firm became the Merriman Lumber Company, comprising W. E. C. Merriman, secretary and treasurer; Howard Lyon, Le Rue Munson and A. F. Burgess, manager in North Tonawanda. April 23, 1890, Mr. Burgess married Lelia A. Webber, and they have one son, Howard Burgess.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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