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1897 Biography - Noah Lee Bronson

Bronson, Noah Lee, son of Lee and Armanda (Upson) Bronson, was born at Litchfield, Conn., on February 5, 1814. He had one brother, Sheldon, still living at Niles, Mich., and one sister, Armanda, who died during childhood. When Noah was five years old he came to Niagara county with his parents and therein resided the remainder of his life. It may be seen by the dates above that he came to this county in 1819, making him one of the very earliest settlers. The family settled upon a spot in the then dense forest about one mile north of what is now Reynales Basin. The men folks cleared a good sized farm and built a log cabin in which the family lived for nearly three years. From there the family moved to what is now known as the Peter Failing farm in the town of Royalton and lived there about two years when they moved to the "Tavern" at Reynales Basin. There the senior Bronson died. Noah succeeded to the estate and retained the same and there lived until 1886. At the age of twenty-four years he married Miss Sophia Worthington, daughter of Samuel and Nancy Worthington, nee Miller, and to them were born a son and a daughter, George W., and Helen A., both of whom are now living, the son in Kansas City and the daughter, now Mrs. A. S. Gooding who resides in the city of Lockport. Noah Lee Bronson was a man most highly respected for his many sterling, manly qualities. For honesty, truthfulness, charitableness and morality he had no superiors and few equals. He was a total abstainer from tobacco and intoxicants. For twenty-six consecutive years he was postmaster at Reynales Basin, and then voluntarily relinquished the office in 1886 because he had grown feeble in health and with his wife went to live with his daughter in Lockport, where he died on March 17, 1893. His widow survived him until December 25, 1895. They lie buried side by side at Cold Springs Cemetery.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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