Niagara County

1897 Biography - William A. Brackenridge

Brackenridge, William A., was born at New York city, June 15, 1856, and at an early age began studying civil engineering, and from 1877 to 1880 was engaged with the engineers corps on the New York Elevated Railroad. In 1880 he was appointed resident engineer for the New York, Lackawana and Western Railroad Company in the construction of their road between Binghamton and Buffalo. In 1882 he became identified with the Rapid Transit Railroad between New York and Boston and later became principal assistant engineer in the building of the Brooklyn Elevated Railroad. For the next three years, from 1886 to 1889, he was principal assistant engineer of the Long Island Railroad and spent the following year in Europe studying engineering. Upon his return to America in 1890, he was engaged to do engineering work for the Connecticut State Railroad commissioners. In 1891 he removed to Niagara Falls and was appointed division engineer in charge of a part of the works of the Niagara Falls River Company; in 1895 he was appointed engineer of the Cataract Construction Company and the allied companies, the Niagara Development Company and the Niagara Water Works.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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