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1897 Biography - J. S. Bliss

Bliss, J. S., Wheatfield, is a native of New York State, but removed to Massachusetts with his parents when twelve yeare of age. At the age of fourteen he ran away, went to New Bedford and shipped on a whaler, sailing all over the Indian, Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic and Southern Oceans, and visited Australia, New Zealand. the Cape Verde Islands, Cape Town and different points on the African coast, Fiji Isles, Friendly Isles, Sandwich Isles, Japan, the East Indies, Alaska, the Sea of Okotsk and other notable places of the earth. After four years he landed in New York with $6 and no clothes, and being too proud spirited to return home, he shipped again, going to Jacksonville, Fla., and Havana, Cuba. Continuing on he went to Porto Rico and up to Portland, Maine, where he shipped with a captain on condition of a permanent position and finally returned home just before the breaking out of the war. He enlisted in 1862 in Co. H, 3d Massachusetts Vols., and served in the 18th Army Corps under General Foster and was nine months in the field in North Carolina; he re-enlisted in December, 1864, and was honorably discharged in 1865. After the war Mr. Bliss engaged in farming in Massachusetts until 1972, when he came to Buffalo and went to work for Pierce & Co. In 1874 he came to North Tonawanda, and embarked in the saw log and shingle business, in which he continued until 1894. He lived in Buffalo from 1890 until 1894, being president of the Union Bank during that time. In 1894 he became president of the Lumber Exchange Bank of North Tonawanda, which office he still holds. Mr. Bliss married Nancy E. Goff. His ancestors came to Massachusetts in 1630.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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