Niagara County

1897 Biography - William J. Blackley

Blackley, William J., has been engaged in the contracting and building business in the late village, now city of Lockport since 1860 and conducted the largest business of the kind in the city. Among the many prominent structures that have been built by him may be mentioned the Niagara county court house, jail and sheriff's residence, the Hodge Opera House and Gargling Oil building (both rebuilt by him after the fire), Williams, McRae, and Blackley business blocks, the Chester, Griggs Bros. & Ellis, Thompson and Central Milling Co's. mills (the latter at Niagara Falls and the largest in the county), J. K. Wells's flour mill at Medina, Lockport Paper Co's , Traders' Paper Co's., and Niagara Paper Co's. mills, the Union and the Walnut Street school buildings. He has also built and sold more houses here than any other person, and has been the means of removing a greater number of old landmarks and replacing them with new and attractive buildings than any other resident of the city. He is a native of England, coming to this country with his parents in the '50's, and settling in Lockport, where he has since pursued his chosen vocation.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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