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1897 Biography - Solomon F. Arkush

Arkush, Solomon F., was born in New York city, December 22, 1857, a son of Isaac J. and Sophia Arkush, natives of Russia Poland, who came to this country in 1856. When six years of age his parents removed to Denver, Col., but returned to New York city in 1867. After a short stay in New York city they located in Schenectady, N. Y., and Syracuse, N. Y., where he received his early education 1n the public schools. In 1873 they again removed to New York city, and in the same year he entered the house of the Butterick Publishing Company, remaining with them until 1877, when he decided to take up the cutter's profession. Until the year 1884 he held positions as cutter with well known firms of New York city and with the firms of Yates & Company and Danziger Brothers, of Syracuse, N. Y. In 1884 he re-entered the employ of the Butterick Publishing Company at New York city as designer in the men's department, and associate editor of the "Tailors' Review," where he remained until 1893, when he removed to Niagara Falls, N. Y., and formed a partnership in the merchant tailoring business with one Morre, the firm being known as Morre & Arkusli. In March, 1894, on account of difficulties with his partner, the Supreme Court granted a dissolution, and appointed S. F. Arkush receiver of the firm, and in six months he closed up the affairs of the firm, paying all creditors in full. On February 4, 1895, he was appointed to the position of city clerk by Mayor David Phillips, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation, of L. P. Dayton. He was reappointed by Mayors Cutler, Schoellkopf and Hastings, during their successive terms of office. On May 17, 1877, he married Helen F., daughter of William F. and Mary E. Evans of Niagara Falls. He has four brothers and three sisters living in New York city, where his parents died; the mother in 1873, and the father in 1887.

Extracted from Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

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