Niagara County

1860 Residents, Landowners, & Business Owners


Business Directory
Surname                 Name            Remarks

Balcom                  M. C.           Dealer in Agricurlural Implements
Barton                  Alex            Propr Bartons Hotel
Brighton                T.              Farmer
Burge                   D.              Resident
Carter                  J.              Mason + Builder
Catlin                  T. G.           Physician + Surgeon
Clark                   J. T.           Practical Miller + Farmer
Clark                   W. D.           Stave + Shingle Manufacturer + Miller
Davis                   N. R.           Farmer
Davis                   R. D.           Dealer in Drygoods + Groceries, Storage
                                        + Forwarding
Doyle                   W. H.           Merchant + Produce Dealer
Emerson + Deals                         Dealer in Gen Merchandise + Forwarders
Fondick                 S.              Carpenter + Joiner
Holden                  J.              Cooper
Holland                 R.              Dealer in Gen Merchandise
Jillson                 L.              Boot + Shoe Manufacturer
Leffman                 L.              U.S.A.
Lindsey                 H.              Mail Carier + Expressman
McKnight                R.              Propr Ontario House
Messler                 N. D.           Carpenter + Joiner
O Conner                D.              Propr O Conners Hotel
Olney                   S.              Justice of the Peace
Park Baker              S.              Atty + Counselor at Law
Porvin                  R.              Resident
Race                    L.              Justice of the Peace
Roat                    B. M.           Resident
Stines                  H.              Gen Agent + C
Marked on the Map
Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

*                                               Main
*                                               William
*                               W.              Church
*bricler                                        Main
*bricler                                        Main
*ocode                          L. T.           Main
B. S. Shop                                      Lockport
B. S. Shop                                      Second
Baker                           Mrs.            Chesnut
Barker                          E. D.           Lockport
Barker                          W.              Lockport
Barton Hotel                    A.              Main
Beales Shop                     L. C.           Main
Beals                           L. C.           Third
Beals                           L. C.           Main
Benson                          B.              Third
Bogart                          J.              Main
Brighton                        T.              Church
Brighton Res                    T.              Main
Burge                           D.              Second
Burge Res                       D.              Main
Burge Shoe Store                D.              Main
Campbell Est                                    Campbell
Carpenter                       *               Church
Cath Ch                                         Hinman
Catlin                          Dr. T. G.       Main
Cemetery                                        Second
Clark                           *               Main
Clark                           *               Main
Coleman                         D. S.           Main
Collectors Office                               Main
Cook                            Mrs.            Main
Cooper Sh                                       Second
Corwin                          P.              Third
Corwin                          P.              Third
Cowen                           Mrs.            *iot St.
Cross                           D.              Second
Davis                           B. D.           Hinman
Davis                           Mr. N. R.       Main
Davis                           Mrs.            Second
Davis                           Mrs.            Main
Davis                           Mrs. N. K.      Main
Davis                           Mrs. N. R.      Main
Davis                           Mrs. N. R.      Main
Davis                           Mrs. N. R.      Main
Davis                           Mrs. N. R.      Main
Davis Store                     B. D.           Main
Davis T. H.                     B.              Lockport
Davis Ware House                B. D.           Water
Debton                          J.              Third
Do* Ware House                                  Church
Doyle                           W. H.           Main
Duffee                          J.              Church
Dum                             J.              Third
Dum                             J.              Third
Dunphy                          L.              Second
Ellsworth                       A.              Second
Emerson                         A.              Main
Finn                            J. W.           Hinman
Fondick                         S.              Second
Gillespie                       H.              William
Gunnis                          P. M.           Third
Halden                          J.              Second
Haney                                           Second
Harnes Sh                                       Main
Harness Shop                                    Second
Harts                           J.              Second
Haskill                         Mrs.            Second
Hawn                            M.              Cambell
Hotchkiss                       C.              Main
Hotchkiss Ware House            *               Water
Hutchinson                      J.              Lockport
Hyde                            Mrs.            Main
Hyde                            S.              Main
Irish                           Mrs.            Chesnut
Jillson                         L.              Lockport
Jillson                         Mrs.            Lockport
Keeling                         J.              Lockport
Keeling                         J.              Lockport
Lane                                            Main
Lane                            A.              Main
Lane                            A.              Lockport
Lane                            A.              Second
Lane                            L.              Main
Lane                            L.              Main
Lane, Rod, Store H.             L.              Water
Leffman                         L.              Main
Lindsay                         H.              Third
Lloyd                           I.              Hinman
Lloyd                           J.              Main
Lloyd                           J.              Main
Lloyd                           J.              **
Marshall                        J.              **
Marshall                        J.              Second
Marshall's Ware House                           **
McByde                          P.              Third
McEwen                          P.              Church
McKnight                        R.              Main
McKnight                        R.              Main
McLaughlin                      J.              Main
McLaughlin                      J.              Lockport
Menor                           M.              Third
Mesler                          D.              Lockport
Meth Ch                                         Main
O Conner                        D.              Second
O Conner                        D.              Hinman
Ontario Store                                   Main
Owen                            D.              Third
P. O. + Store                                   Main
Paint + Carriage Shop                           Lockport
Park*                           J.              Church
Phieny + Co.                                    Main
Phillips                        H.              Lockport
Piner                           S.              Jackson
Presb Ch                                        Church
Presb. Parsonage                                Main
Roat Est                        H. M.           **
School + Shop                                   Second
School No. *                                    Church
Shoe Sh                                         Main
Skimher                         *               **
Spencer Store                   O.              Main
Steam Grist Mill                                Water
Steam Saw + Grist Mill                          Second
Steele                          W.              Cambell
Stephens                        Rev. W.         William
Stines                          H.              Chesnut
Store                                           Main
Store                                           Main
Taylor                          Mrs.            Main
Temperance House                                Main
Thompson                        S.              Hinman
Tower                           P.              Main
Tower                           P.              Second
Tower                           P.              Main
Tryon                           Miss Mary       Second
Wilcox                                          Main
Williams                        Mrs.            Second
Abbreviations/Notations Used

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Transcribed from a wall map and contributed 1996 by Gail Allore.

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