Niagara County

1860 Residents, Landowners, & Business Owners


Business Directory
Surname                 Name            Remarks

Bonesteel               W. H.           Blacksmith
Brown                   F. S.           Prop. Of Pioneer Vinyard + Dealer in Grape Roots of all kinds
Case                    Luman           Farmer
Cole                    A. M.           Harness Maker
Dox                     E. V. W.        Atty + Counselor at Law
Fisher                  John S.         Boot + Shoe Maker
Grout                   Wm. P.  Justic of Peace
Hamblin                 Wm.             Dealer in Genl Merchandise
McChesney               H. S.           Physician + Surgeon
Oliver                  R. W.           Carriage Maker
Parsons Jr.             S.              Atty + Counselor at Law
Perrigo                 Wm.             Furnace + Mach Shop Manuf of Plows + Agricultural Implements
Post                    Jordan          Dealer in Groceries + Prov.
Randall                 Abial P.        Blacksmith + Carriage Maker
Tabor                   H. B.           Physician + Surgeon
Willey                  J. H.           Farmer
Wilson + Elhot                          Physicians, Surgeons + Dentists
Marked on the Map
Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

Ackerman                        J.              Harbor
Ackerman                        L.              **
Admas                           G.              Harbor
American Hotel                                  Young
Armstrong                       D. L.           Cherry
Armstrong                       E. R.           Wilox
B. S. Shop                                      Catharine
B. S. Shop                                      Catharine
B. S. S. + Res.                                 Washington
Baker                           C.              Wilox
Bapt. Parsonage                                 Lake
Bapt. Ch.                                       Chesnut
Barber                          M. D.           Harbor
Barnard                         W.              Seneca
Barrell                         Mrs.            Seminary
Bonesteel                       J.              **
Bonesteel                       P.              Wood
Bonesteel                       W. H.           Chesnut
Boyle                           T. O.           Haner
Branch                          E. H.           Chesnut
Bresp. Ch.                                      Lake
Brewer                          J.              Franklin
Brown                           A.              Lake
Brown                           A.              Lake
Brown                           J.              Washington
Brown                           J. C.           Lake
Brown                           J. L.           Washington
Bruyare                         C.              Washington
Burnell                         Mrs.            Chesnut
Campbell                        M.              Haner
Carriage + B. S. Shop                           Chesnut
Carriage Sh.                                    Lake
Case                            L.              Lake
Cavanough                       Esq.            Lake
Cemetery                                        Harbor
Chapel                                          Lake
Clark                           P.              Franklin
Clarke                          J.              Wilox
Cleaveland                      Mrs.            **
Colbth                          J.              Pettite
Colby                           C.              Pettite
Cole                            A. M.           Wilox
Cole                            D. H.           Lake
Cooper                          J.              Lake
Cooper Sh.                                      Cooper
Cooper Sh.                                      Mechanic
Cormly                          J. H.           Lake
Cornell                         H.              Franklin
Cornell                         I.              Centre
Cornell                         Mrs.            Washington
Craft                           J.              Lake
Crawford                        C.              Harbor
Crawford                        Mrs.            Seminary
Cresswell                       Mrs.            Lake
Dallon                          Mr.             Pettite
Day Est                                         **
Dearborn                        B.              **
Dearborn                        B.              Young
Dearborn                        R.              Warren
Dearborn                        R.              Lake
Dennison                        J.              Mechanic
Dox                             E. V. W.        Harbor
Dox                             E. V. W.        McChesney
Dox                             Esq.            Pettite
Dox                             Esq.            Catharine
Dox + Dearborn's Store                          Young
Dox's Stores + c                                Young
Swight                          D.              Mechanic
Eggleston                       G. B.           Lake    
Fidler                          J.              Cooper
Fisher                          J. S.           Warren
Flynn                           A. M.           Washington
Furnace + Machine Sh                            Wood
Gale                            G.              Lake
Giles                           C.              Seminary
Glift                           J. W.           Lake
Grampton                        R. H.           Lake
Greene                          J. R.           Centre
Groul                           E.              Cherry
Grout                           W. P.           Young
Grumpton                        Mrs.            Lake
Hamblin                         W.              Seneca
Hamlin                          S.              Young
Haner                           Mrs.            Lake
Harmeta                         Mrs.            Mechanic
Hawkins Est.                                    **
Hayne                           J.              Lake
Id*                             W. S.           **
Johnson                         M.              Chesnut
Johnson                         M.              Lake
Johnson                         Mrs. L.         Centre
Kelsoner                        Mrs.            Catharine
King                            S.              Washington
Leach                           N.              Lake
Little                          S. L.           Lake
Little                          S. L.           Lake
Longstaff                       H.              Cooper
Loomis                          G. W.           Seminary
Lyons                           T.              Haner
Markle                          J. C.           Bay
Markwarde                       D.              Mechanic
McChesney                       Dr. M. S.       Young
McChesney                       R. L.           Young
McChesney's Harness Shop        R. I.           Young
McChesney's Harness Shop        R. I.           Young
McKnight                        E.              Seminary
Meth. Ch.                                       Lake
Meth. Pars.                                     High
Miller                          S.              Wilox
Milliner Shop                                   Young
Morrison                        J.              Lake
Moul                            M.              Lake
Murdock                         J.              Wilox
Murwin                          Mrs.            Chesnut
Mutzgen                         C. I.           Lake
Oliver                          R. W.           Lake
Ontario House                                   Young
Palmers Shop                    R.              Washington
Parker                          C. F.           Seminary
Parsonage                                       Mechanic
Parsons Jr.                     S.              Bay
Perrigo                         W.              Chesnut
Pettit                          G.              Lake
Pierce                          Mrs.            Chesnut
Post                            J.              Young
Post                            J.              Young
Post                            O.              Wilox
Post's Store                    J.              Young
Quick                           O.              Harbor
Rake Fact                                       **
Rockwood                        J. G.           Mechanic
Rockwood                        J. G.           Mechanic
Saw Mill                                        Young
Sayer                           Mrs.            Chesnut
School No. 1                                    Haner
Scribner                        Jas.            Pettite
Seeley                          C.              Bay
Shears                          J. H.           Washington
Shelden's Boot Store            S.              Young
Sheldon                         S.              Lake
Shepard                         N.              Young
Shepards Office                 N.              Young
Shop                                            Chesnut
Shop                                            Young
Slocum                          Mrs.            Centre
Slocum                          N.              Pettite
Smith                           P. G.           Wood
Smith                           W.              Lake
Smith                           W. L.           Washington
Store                                           Mechanic
Store + Post Office                             Young
Stores                          O.              Seneca
Sweat                           Mrs.            Centre
Sweet                           R.              Harbor
Tabor                           Dr. H. B.       Lake
Taylor                          Mrs.            Pettite
Thompson                        J.              Pettite
Tin Shop                                        Young
Tower                           D.              Bay
Tower                           O.              Young
Tunnicliff                      W. D.           Young
Van Burgen                      J.              Harbor
Vosburgh                        E.              Bay
Vosburgh                        Mrs.            Young
Vosburgh                        O. K.           Pettite
Wagon + Paint Sh.                               Catharine
Wagon Sh.                                       Lake
Waite                           Chrisenth       Seneca
Walker                          P.              Wilox
Warehouse                                       **
Warehouse                                       **
Warren                          J. C.           Young
Warren                          J. C.           Young
Wheeler                         R.              Harbor
Wilkinson                       T.              Wilox
Willey                          J. B.           Lake
Williams                        Mrs.            Franklin
Wilson                          G. B.           Young
Wilson                          J.              **
Wilson                          L.              Bay
Wilson                          L.              Lake
Wilson                          L.              Young
Wilson                          L. D.           Haner
Wilson                          L. D.           Seneca
Wilson                          L. D.           Seneca
Wilson                          L. N.           Lake
Wilson                          L. O.           Young
Wilson                          R.              McChesney
Wilson                          R. F.           Seneca
Wilson Agt.                     L.              Young
Wilson Collegiate Inst.         L.              Seminary
Wilsons Harness Shop            L.              Young
Wilsons Steam Grist Mill                        Young
Wrights Est.                                    McChesney
Abbreviations/Notations Used

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Transcribed from a wall map and contributed 1996 by Gail Allore.

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