Niagara County

1860 Residents, Landowners, & Business Owners


Business Directory
Surname                 Name            Remarks

Butterfield             A.              Physician + Surgeon
Cooper                  W. E.           Proprietor Cooper House
Esbaugh + Wetherwax                     Nurseryman
Fuller                  H. A.           Carriage Maker
Gunn                    R. C.           Nurseryman Fruit Grower + Dealer in Fruit Trees
Lane                    A. T.           Nurseryman
Lockwood                A.              Farmer
Outwater                H. + T.         Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots + Shoes, Hats + Caps + C.
Reynolds                H. A.           Dealer in Genl Merchandise
Marked on the Map
Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

Albright                        F.              East Main               
Albright EST                    J.              East Main               
Albright T. H.                  F.              East Main               
Aldrich                         T. E.           Main                    
Armstrong                       T.              Main                    
Armstrong                       T.              Main                    
Armstrong                       T.              Van Buren               
B. S. Shop                                      Main                    
B. S. S. Store                                  Lockport                
Birdsall                        C.              East Main               
Boyce                           A. A.           **                      
Brown                           J. S.           Carroll         
Burch Shoe Shop                 J.              East Main               
Burn                            C.              Clinton         
Burns                           M.              Water                   
Butterfield                     Dr.             Main                    
Butterfield                     Dr. A.          Main                    
Carragon                        T.              Lockport                
Cemetery                                        Main                    
Conner                          T.              Main                    
Cooper                          J. D.           **                      
Cooper                          J. J.           East Main               
Cooper                          W.              Water                   
Cooper House Store + P. O.                      Main                    
Devlin                          J.              Van Buren               
Doty                            A.              East Main               
Esbaugh                         H.              East Main               
Eshbaugh + Wetherwax Nursery                    East Main               
Furgason                        C. K.           Main                    
Greenvaul                       D. D.           Main                    
Grove H.                                        East Main               
Herrington                      J.              Main                    
Kemp                            Mrs.            Clinton
Kunn                            R. C.           Lockport
Lakeview Nursery, R. C. Gunn Prop               Lockport
Lanes Nursery                   A. T.           East Main
Leonard Office                  D.              Main
Libby                           J.              Clinton
Lockwood                        A.              Main            
Lockwood                        S.              Clinton
Lockwood                        W. C.           Carroll
Lockwoods Shop                  A.              Main
Mathews                         J.              Main
Merry                           G.              Lockport
Meth E Church                                   Main
Outwater                        H.              Main
Outwater                        H.              Main
Outwater Store                  H. + T.         Main
Price                           J. W.           Main
Reynold's Warehouse                             **
Reynolds                        H.              **
School H.                                       Van Buren
Seatland                        J.              Lockport
Starkes                         A.              Main
Steam Saw Mill                                  Lockport
Store                                           Lockport
Store                                           Main
Stout                           W. T.           East Main
Strong                          H.              Main
Strong                          Mrs.            Lockport
Tailors Shop                                    Main
Taylor's Shop                                   Main
Univ Church                                     Lockport
Warehouse                                       Water
Warner                          J. H.           East Main
Weslevan Meth Church                            Van Buren
Wetherwax                       A. T.           East Main
Whitman                         Miss            Clinton
Abbreviations/Notations Used

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Transcribed from a wall map and contributed 1996 by Gail Allore.

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