Niagara County

1860 Residents, Landowners, & Business Owners

North Tonawanda

Business Directory
Surname                 Name            Remarks

Cook                    Jacob           Edger Beer Saloon
Eggert                  A. W.           Atty at Law
Emerson                 Wm.             Dealer in Lumber, Planing, Mill
Garlizer + Popner                       Props of Union Hotel
Gregory                 A. W. C.        Shingle + Stave Manufr
Greiner                 Peter           J.P. + Atty at Law
Hawley                  C. S.           Livery
Huntley                 S.              Justice of Peace
Jacobs                  Daniel C.       Butcher
Jacobs                  W.              N.Y.C.R.R. Foreman
Judd                    G. D.           Atty at Law
Kohn                    Wm.             Boot + Shoe Maker
Locke                   J. F.           Physician + Surgeon
McMerrick               S. S.           Mover of Buildings
Myer                    John            Dealer in Groceries
Payne                   L. S.           Commercial + Far
Sherman                 Geo. W.         Dealer in Mard*ire
Smith                   H. P.           Lumber Dealer
Sweeney                 Wm.             N.Y.C.R.R. Agent
Marked on the Map
Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

B. S. Shop                                      Sweeney
B. S. Shop                                      Sweeney
Baker                           G.              **
Baker                           J.              Oliver
Baker                           J.              Tremont
Boxford Steam Saw Mill                          Sweeney
Bryant                          C. H.           Sweeney
Bush                            G. W.           Manhatten
Carney                          J.              Sweeney
Chadwick                        J.              Sweeney
Chamberlain                     E.              Sweeney
Chasslett                       Mrs.            Sweeney
Collins                         M.              along R. R. tracks
Cook                            J.              Webster
Cooper                          A.              Goundry
Cooper Sh.                                      **
Day                             E. V.           Sweeney
Day                             Mrs.            Main
Deck                            J.              Webster
Deck                            J.              Webster
Doneby                          E.              Webster
Foster                          E. L.           Oliver
Gastigner + Prosser             By              Webster
Gregary                         A. W. C.        Sweeney
Gregory's Steam Shingle Mill                    Sweeney
Greiner                         P.              Webster
Greiner Law Office              Peter           along R. R. tracks
Harris                          Mrs.            Sweeney
Hawley                          C. S.           Webster
Hewitt                                          Tremont
Hewitt                          W.              Tremont
Hilbert                         C.              Goundry
Hotel                                           Webster
Huntly                          L.              Sweeney
Jacobs                          C.              Goundry
Jacobs                          E.              Goundry
Jacobs                          H.              Goundry
Jacobs                          Mrs.            Goundry
Jacobs                          W.              Goundry
Jockey Union Hotel                              Webster
Judd Esq.                       G. L.           Oliver
Kayne                           S.              Tremont
Kent                            A.              **
Kent                            A. C.           Goundry
Kent                            A. C.           Tremont
Kohn                            W.              **
Krebler                         C.              Tremont
Kyne                            J.              along R.R. tracks
Lathrop + Co. Distillery                        Webster
Lathrop + Co. Distillery office                 Webster
Locke                           Dr.             Webster
Locke                           Dr. J. F.       Sweeney
Long                            B.              Manhatten
Long                            B.              Sweeney
Martin                          L.              Sweeney
Meth. Ch.                                       Main
Minton                          J.              Webster
Parks                           E.              **
Payne                           L. S.           Sweeney
Payne                           L. S.           Oliver
Pickard                         A. N.           Tremont
R. R. Saloon                                    Webster
R. R. Saloon                                    along R. R. tracks
Reun                            P.              Goundry
Ritenburg                       G.              Goundry
Roger                           Mrs.            Tremont
Rose Saloon                     L. P.           Webster
Sager Est                                       Oliver
School                                          Tremont
Segar Est.                                      Oliver
Sh                              R. S.           Webster
Sh* Shop                                        Sweeney
Sherman                         G. W.           Webster
Shop                                            Oliver
Shop                                            Oliver
Shultz                          J.              Goundry
Simpson                                         Tremont
Simpson                         J.              Goundry
Smith                           H. P.           Webster
Smith's Office                  H. P.           Tremont
Stave Factory                                   Sweeney
Steam Flour Mill                                Sweeney
Store                                           Sweeney
Store                                           Sweeney
Sweeney                         Mrs.            **
Sweeney                         Mrs.            Sweeney
Sweeney                         Mrs.            **
Sweeney                         W.              Sweeney
Sweeney Est.                                    Webster
Sweeney Est.                                    along R. R. tracks
Sweeney Est.                    J.              Webster
Vandervoort                     J.              Sweeney
Vandervoort                     Miss A.         Sweeney
Vandervoort                     Sarah           Tremont
Vandervoort Est.                                Webster
Vandervoort Est.                                Tremont
Vandervoort Est.                                Sweeney
Vandervoort Est.                                Webster
Warren                          F.              Tremont
Warren                          F.              Goundry
Warren                          J.              Manhatten
Warren                          Mrs.            Sweeney
Whittemore                      M.              **
Wilson                                          Tremont
Abbreviations/Notations Used

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Transcribed from a wall map and contributed 1996 by Gail Allore.

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