Niagara County

1860 Residents, Landowners, & Business Owners


Business Directory
Surname                 Name            Remarks

Armstrong               F.              Grocer
Baker                   Wm. W.          Merchant Miller
Blackmer                J. C.           Blacksmith
Bowen                   S.              Dealer in Groceries + Liquors
Cheshire                Geo.            Dealer in and Manufact of Cabinet Ware
Cleaveland              J.              Dealer in Boots + Shoes
Compton                 A. B.           Dealer in Stoves, Tin, Glass + Hardware
Craig                   F.              Railroad Ticket + Express Agent
Delane                  A. S.           Merchant Miller
Greeno                  C. P.           Dealer in Genl Merchandise + Groceries
Headford                Thos            Cooper + Broom Maker
King                    G. W.           Carriage + Sleigh Manufact
Lane                    Chas. B.        Farmer
Lane                    Jonas P.        Dealer in Genl Merchandise
McClean Jr.             H.              Builder + Manufact of Sash, Blinds + Doors
Parnes                  B. P.           Dealer in Genl Merchandise + Miller
Penn                    Wm. S.          Dealer in Genl Merchandise
Pierce                  H.              Proprietor of Pierces Hotel
Taylor                  F. S.           Physician + Surgeon
Underhill + Hunt                        Dealer in Groceries + Liquors + Flour + c
Van Broklin             D.              Founder + Dealer in Tin
Van Horn                Wm.             Grocer
Marked on the Map
Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

Allen                           E. P.           Vernon          Royalton
Armstrong                       F.              Mill            Royalton
B. S. Shop                                      Mill            Royalton
B. S. Shop                                      Vernon          Royalton
B. S. Shop                                      Vernon          Royalton
B. S. S.                                        State           Royalton
Backer                          A.              Hartland        Royalton
Baker                           A. S.           Vernon          Royalton
Baker                           W.              Vernon          Royalton
Baldlidge                       W.              Hartland        Hartland
Barnes                          B. P.           Mill            Royalton
Barnes                          B. P.           Hartland        Hartland
Barnes Store                    R. P.           Main            Royalton
Biddelman                       Mrs. E.         **              Royalton
Bidleman                        S.              Main            Royalton
Blackmer                        J. C.           Mill            Royalton
Bowen                           S.              Main            Royalton
Briggs                          B. W.           Mechanic        Royalton
Burhs                           B. P.           **              Royalton
Cabinet Shop                                    State           Royalton
Campbell                        P. W.           Vernon          Royalton
Campton                         A. P.           Main            Royalton
Campton                         Mrs. B.         Main            Royalton
Carriage Shop                                   Mill            Royalton
Carriage Shop                   J.              Vernon          Royalton
Carter                          Mrs. E.         Main            Royalton
Cath Ch                                         Wall            Royalton
Cemetery                                        R. R. Street    Royalton
Chesire                         Capt. C.        Main            Royalton
Chester                         G.              Mechanic        Royalton
Cleaeland                       J.              Sleeper         Hartland
Clean                           H. M.           Vernon          Royalton
Cleason                         Mrs.            Mill            Royalton
Coltan                          J.              Vernon          Royalton
Compton                         J.              Hartland        Royalton
Cooper                          P.              R. R. Street    Royalton
Cooper Shop                                     Mill            Royalton
Cooper Shop                                     Sleeper         Hartland
Craig                           F.              Vernon          Royalton
Crosman                         N.              Church          Royalton
Davis                           J.              Church          Royalton
Day                             S. B.           State           Royalton
Delaney                         W.              Mill            Royalton
Delano                          A. S.           Mechanic        Royalton
Delano                          A. S.           Vernon          Royalton
Delano's Stave Mill             F. P.           Hartland        Royalton
Docker                          A. J.           Main            Royalton
Drake                           C.              Main            Royalton
Drake                           R.              Church          Royalton
Drake                           W.              Mill            Royalton
Drake                           W.              Church          Royalton
Dunlap                          Mrs.            State           Royalton
Fenn                            W. S.           Main            Royalton
Fenn Store                                      Main            Royalton
Flovring Mill                                   Mill            Royalton
Furnace                                         Vernon          Royalton
G*                              W.              Hartland        Hartland
Gardner Store House             W.              Mill            Royalton
Gould                           Mrs.            Mechanic        Royalton
Gould                           Mrs.            Mechanic        Royalton
Green                           C. R.           Church          Royalton
Griswold                        N.              R. R. Street    Royalton
Grocery Store                                   Main            Royalton
Hall                            I. E.           Hartland        Royalton
Hamond                          A. D.           Hartland        Hartland
Harness Shop                                    Main            Royalton
Headford                        T.              Vernon          Royalton
Hooper Est                                      Hartland        Hartland
Hotel                                           Mill            Royalton
Hunt                            E.              Terry           Royalton
Hurd                            Dr. E.          Main            Royalton
Jenkins                         J.              Hartland        Hartland
Johnson                         P.              Mill            Royalton
Kelsey                          J.              Vernon          Royalton
Kelsey                          R.              Mechanic        Royalton
Kelsey Store                    R.              Vernon          Royalton
Kenedy                          D.              Mill            Royalton
Kimball                         H. E.           Main            Royalton
King                            C. W.           Hartland        Royalton
King                            G. W.           Hartland        Royalton
Lane                            C.              Church          Royalton
Lane                            C. B.           Main            Royalton
Lane                            C. B.           **              Royalton
Larkin                          S.              Mill            Royalton
Loziere                         S.              Vernon          Royalton
Loziere                         S.              **              Royalton
Loziere                         S.              Vernon          Royalton
Mahar                           P.              Hartland        Hartland
Maher                           J.              Mechanic        Royalton
McClean                         H.              Mill            Royalton
McClory                         L.              Mechanic        Royalton
McKey                           M.              Church          Royalton
Merchant                                        Church          Royalton
Meth. Ch.                                       Main            Royalton
Meth. Parsonage                                 Main            Royalton
Morrisey T. H.                  T.              Hartland        Royalton
N*es                            C. S.           **              Royalton
Miles                           I. S.           Church          Royalton
Olmstead                        A. R.           Vernon          Royalton
Osmond                          Mrs. S.         Hartland        Royalton
Perkins                         Mrs.            Vernon          Royalton
Pickford                        S.              Mechanic        Royalton
Pierce                          R.              Sleeper         Hartland
Pierces Hotel                   Mrs.            Vernon          Royalton
Plow + Tin Shop                                 Vernon          Royalton
Pomeroy                         Mrs.            Church          Royalton
Presn Ch.                                       Vernon          Royalton
R. R. Station                                   Vernon          Royalton
Robinson                        A.              **              Royalton
Robinson                        A.              State           Royalton
Robinson                        C.              Terry           Royalton
Robinson                        Mrs.            Vernon          Royalton
Ross                            J. B.           Vernon          Royalton
S + W. F. Temple                                Main            Royalton
State                           G.              Sleeper         Hartland
Saloon                                          Vernon          Royalton
Saw Mill                                        **              Hartland
School                                          Vernon          Royalton
Seaman                          M.              Hartland        Royalton
Shoe Store                                      Main            Royalton
Shoe Store                                      Main            Royalton
Sleeper                         J.              Sleeper         Hartland
Sleeper                         J.              Sleeper         Hartland
Sleeper                         J.              State           Royalton
Sleeper                         J.              Hartland        Hartland
Smith                           T. F.           Main            Royalton
Smith                           W. C.           Vernon          Royalton
Smith                           W. G.           Vernon          Royalton
Smith                           W. G.           Vernon          Royalton
Son                             B.              Mill            Royalton
Southwick                       A.              Church          Royalton
Spaulding                       H. D.           Hartland        Royalton
Spaulding                       S. H.           Vernon          Royalton
Stanley                         A.              Main            Royalton
Sterling                        G. P.           Main            Royalton
Stone Mill                                      Hartland        Royalton
Store                                           Main            Royalton
Store                                           Mill            Royalton
Store                                           Mill            Royalton
Store                                           Mill            Royalton
Store + P. O.                                   Main            Royalton
Swain                           A. T.           Mill            Royalton
Swain                           A. T.           Vernon          Royalton
Swart                           M.              Main            Royalton
T. H.                                           Vernon          Royalton
T. H.                                           Vernon          Royalton
T. H.                                           Hartland        Royalton
T. H.                                           Hartland        Hartland
Taylor                          Dr.             Hartland        Royalton
Taylor                          H. K.           **              Royalton
Taylor                          P. L.           Vernon          Royalton
Taylor                          P. L.           Vernon          Royalton
Tin Shop                                        Main            Royalton
Todd                            J.              Church          Royalton
Torey                           J.              Main            Royalton
Torrey                          W. R.           Hartland        Royalton
Universt Ch.                                    Church          Royalton
Van Brocklin                    D.              State           Royalton
Van Brocton                     D.              Vernon          Royalton
Van Horne                       W.              Vernon          Royalton
W*                              D.              Hartland        Hartland
Welch                           Mrs.            Vernon          Royalton
Wendell                         G.              Mechanic        Royalton
Wendell                         P. F.           Sleeper         Hartland
Wendell                         R. V.           Main            Royalton
Wes. Meth. Ch.                                  Hartland        Hartland
Wilcox                          T.              Church          Royalton
Abbreviations/Notations Used

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Transcribed from a wall map and contributed 1996 by Gail Allore.

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