Niagara County

1860 Residents, Landowners, & Business Owners

Johnsons Creek

Business Directory
Surname                 Name                    Remarks

Aldrich                 E.                      School Commissioner
Brayley                 J.                      Farmer
Busenbark               Wm.                     Farmer + Lumber Dealer
Cladding                J. A.                   Atty + Counselor at Law
Dean                    H. G.                   Tailor
Frances                 C. H.                   Dealer in Gen Merchandise
Goodremout              L.                      Potash Manufr + Grocer
Gorham                  G.                      Carriage Manufacturer
Hooker                  E. S.                   Blacksmith
Lampson                 E.                      J.P.
Montgomery              F. R.                   Harness Maker + J.P.
Parken                  J. R.                   Dealer in Gen Merchandise
Richardson              J.                      Farmer
Rowe                    G.                      Farmer
Seeley                  E.                      Farmer
Taylor                  A.                      Farmer
Taylor                  G. B.                   Farmer
Thomas                  R.                      Physician + Surgeon
Thurber                 A.                      Farmer
Walker                  G. C.                   Baptist Clergyman
Woodworth               L.                      Physician + Surgeon
Young                   S.                      Prop Johnsons Creek Hotel
Marked on the Map
Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

Andrus                          U.              Mechanic
Ashery                                          Mechanic
Baptist Church                                  Church
Bigelow                         H F.            Main
Brayley                         J.              Main
Brown                           Mrs. C.         Church
Busenbark                       E.              Mechanic
Busenbark                       W.              Main
Butterfield                     X.              Church
Chappell                        J.              Main
Coopers Shop                                    Main
Comet Grocery                   B. H.           Main
Cradel Shop                                     Main
Dean                            H. C.           Main
Dickson                         R.              Church
Duel, Milliner                  Miss            Main
Francis                         C. F.           Main
Francis                         H.              Main
French                          W. H.           Main
Goodremout                      L.              Main
Goodremout                      L.              Church
Gorham                          G.              Main
Green                           G.              Main
Hicks                           O. G.           Main
Hooker                          E. S.           Mechanic
Hotel                                           Main
Hulbert                         Mrs.            Main
Kinnebrook                      J.              Main
Mead                            L.              Main
Montgomery Hars Sh              F. R.           Main
Mosher                          Mrs.            Main
Mudge                           R.              Main
Mudge T.H.                      R.              Main
Newton                          Mrs.            Main
Philips                         N.              Main
Rude                            N. O.           Main
Russel                          H.              Main
Russel's Store                  H.              Main
S. M.                                           Mill
School No. 7                                    Main
Seecor                          A. J.           Main
Seecor                          Mrs.            Main
Seeley                          E.              Main
Seeley                          E.              Mechanic
Seeley                          M.              Mechanic
Seeley                          Mrs.            Main
Sharpsteen                      J.              Main
Sharpsteen                      J. M.           Main
Shippen                         J.              Main
Shoe Sh                                         Main
Shop                                            Church
Shop                            R. S.           Mechanic
Shop                            W. S.           Main
Smith Est                       G. W.           Main
Store                                           Church
Taylor                          A.              Church
Taylor                          A.              Main
Taylor                          S.              Church
Taylor Res                      G. B.           Main
Taylor Store                    C. B.           Main
Thomas                          Dr. R.          Church
W + B.S.S.                                      Main
Warren                          Mrs. F.         Church
Wickham Res                     I.              Main
Wickham T. H.                   J.              Main
Woodworth                       Dr.             Main
Young                           S.              Main
Abbreviations/Notations Used

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Transcribed from a wall map and contributed 1996 by Gail Allore.

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