Vitals: Niagara County News articles of 1881

transcribed by Lisa Slaski

Source: The Niagara County News, Youngstown, N.Y. (weekly)

Note: In transcribing this information, I was looking not only for mentions of births, deaths and marriages, but also news articles that indicated relationships. In some cases, I also took down information about people who moved even if there was no vital records or relationships provided.

This is a work in progress and I will slowly add to this as I find time to do so!

October 1881

14 Oct 1881

One of the oldest inhabitants of the Town of Porter, Mrs. Hester Wille, relict of the late Charles Wille, departed this life on Friday last at the ripe old age of 90 years. having passed that birthday four months since. Mrs. Wille was the oldest of her father's family and outlived all her brothers and sisters. She was born and brought up in New York City; and with her late husband came to this town in 1830, and has resided here from that time until her death. She was the mother of ten children, six are living, five of them being present at her funeral last Sunday. Mrs. Wille was well and favorably known in the town of Porter, and set a fine example that all might follow. She was laid to rest beside the remains of her husband in the Hosmer Cemetery.

County News

Myron F. Barber and Miss Mary E., daughter of Mr. A. F. Moyer, of Sanborn was married on Thursday last.

Three insane persons sent from this county - Mr. Clark, Mrs. Wilson and Miss Caveno - have been pronounced incurable, and transfered from Utica to Ovid.

Mrs. Bushnell, of Lockport is dead. a few years since six children were born to her at one birth, four of whom are living.

J. Glenn Brown, son of J. G. O. Brown of this place, will this week enter the law firm of Shiras, Van Duzee & Henderson, of Dubuque, Iowa, as a student. We understand that the ifrm ranks among the first in that State. Glenn is a young man 22 years of age, of good ability, find address, exemplary habits and high moral character. As principal of the Youngstown school he was well liked and was considered a very successful teacher. He carries with him to his new field of labor the good wishes and high hopes of his many friends.

Local Items

Mrs. Frank Baker, daughter of Charles Corwin, at Porter Centre, is very sick with brain fever.

Roger Murphy, on the creek road has been called upon to mourn the loss of his wife who has been gradually failing for over a year with the dread desease consumption, but had been about the house until within about a week of her demise. The remains were taken to Niagara for interment.

Mr. and Mrs. James Vanderlyn, of Clinton, Wis., are visiting their sister, Mrs. Sally Peet, and other relatives here.


Mrs. T. F. Winslow left Friday, the 8th, to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Wetherill, at Aurora, Erie Co.

21 Oct 1881


Wednesday morning, Oct. 12th, at the residence of A. Gray, on the River road, Lewiston, New York, by the Rev. Mr. Marsh, Miss Libbie Gray to Mr. Ned McCready, of Brockville, Ont. No cards.

Local Items

The service at the Presbyterian Church next Sabbath morning will be in memory of John H. Hill, who died at Leadville, Colo., Sept. 22.

A Beautiful Present

On Tuesday, Oct. 8th, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Balcom were the recipients of one of the finest gifts it is possible to receive and which will be both useful and ornamental, and will give them much pleasure to care for. The present was a bouncing baby daughter - net weight, 10 1/4 pounds. The congratulations of their many friends will be showered upon the happy parents.


Mr. Wm. Fipps of this town, died last Thursday evening after an illness of several weeks. The funeral took place last Saturday afternoon.


Miss Jennie L. Tower is spending the week with her grandma Mrs. S. Peet.

Miss Amy Tower, of Boston, Mass., is visiting her cousin, Mr. Geo. P. Tower, and other friends in this vicinity.

Mrs. Susan Wick, of Palmyra, Ohio, is visiting her brothers Morris and David Force, and other relatives here.

Mrs. Myron C. Watkins, of Avon, N.Y., made her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. James Canfield, a very pleasant visit last week.

Miss Nora Van Curen, of Suspension Bridge, spent Saturday and Sunday with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. S. Shippy.

Mrs. Anna L. Francis, of Bristol, N.Y., has come to spend the winter with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Baker, greatly to their delight.

County News

Squire Sheppard, a Niagara County pioneer, died at Wilson Sept. 30th in the 89 year of his age.

Oct. 6th, at the residence of the bride's parents, in Cambria, M. F. Barber, of Sanborn, was married to Miss Mary E. Moyer.

While J. W. Morton, an aged citizen of Lockport, was driving on Monday, he was stricken with paralysis and fell out of his buggy. His advanced age precludes his recovery.

Mrs. Duncan McDonald, aged 70, of Shelby came to Middleport the 14 ints. to visit her daughter. In the evening she left the house to do some shopping and has not been seen since. A pair of rubbers known to have belonged to the lady were found in the canal, and it is supposed that she became confused on the streets and walked into the water.

28 Oct 1881

County News

On the evening of the 18th inst. Henry Rushback, a teamster at Suspension Bridge, was struck by a switch-engine in that village. The engine struck the wagon and Rushback was thrown out, striking upon his head. The deceased was 60 years old and leaves a wife.

Amasa L. Taylor and Miss Florence Comstock were married at the residence of the bride's parents in Cambria Wednesday evening last. It was a brilliant affair.

The body of Mrs. Sarah McDonald, drowned in the canal at Middleport last Friday night, was Wednesday found in the canal near Knowlesville. She was 65 years of age.

The coroner's jury, at Albion, find that Nellie Wright died from the effects of strychnine administered by her own hand while suffering great mental distress, or from a wound on the head. The jury was unable to determine whether the wound was made by Fred E. Hopkins or accidentally inflicted. It is the opinion of the jury that Hopkins alone, or with assistance, placed the body in the canal with the intention of concealing it. Hopkins gave bail this morning in $2,500 to appear at the next term of court.


The infant child of Mr. Ed. Hutchings died last Friday night. The funeral took place Sunday.

Mrs. Alice Long, daughter of A. B. Arnold, died on Friday morning, Oct. 21st at the residence of her parents on the Townline road. She was removed from her home near Buffalo to the home of her parents last winter; but despite all that has been done for her comfort and relief, she had been gradually falling with consumption. The funeral took place last Sunday forenoon.

Asa Pratt of this village, died quite suddenly last Sunday. The funeral services were on Tuesday afternoon.

Local Items

Mrs. Emerson spent last Saturday and Sunday at Niagara Falls with her sister, Mrs. S. Butler, who was quite ill but we are glad to say, is now much better, and we trust will be able to enjoy the remainder of her visit there.

We regret to learn that our former fellow townsman, Charles Jeffords, of Mount Pleasant, Mich., has met with a sad accident. While working a buzz saw, a splinter flew off, entering his eye, the sight of which will probably be desroyed.

Mrs. Kate M. Davis has gone to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. E. A. Mesler, at Centralia, Ill., hoping to find in a change of climate that restoration of health, which she has sought in vain here. The best wishes of a large circle of friends go with her. Her daughter, Miss Mabel, will remain here with relatives for the present.


Mrs. G. M. Swarthout, of Hemlock Lake, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hill.

Miss Luie Thompson, of Niagara, Ont., was the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thompson, over Sunday.

Mr. Martin Duffy, of Pittsburg, Pa., is visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. E. Buckley, and other friends in this vicinity.

Miss Fannie J. Hawkins, of Duxbury, Mass., who has been spending several weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Race, returned home yesterday. Mrs. R. accompanied her to the Falls.


Mary O'Haher, daughter of John O'Haher, died Wednesday morning at 2 a.m., aged 27 years. She took cold while performing some housework, and was sick but a short time, and with her death makes five children that John has lost. He has the sympathy of the whole community in this great affliction.

Mrs. W. Burwell left on the 20th for St. Louis to take medical treatment, and to visit her sister, Mrs. Charlotte. Her many friends trust that she may find that relief and comfort, which she goes to seek. Any one whoever had the pleasure of her acquaintance, could not but like her, as she made herself agreeable and pleasant to all in the midst of her suffering.