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Tidbits Published in Newspapers

The Niagara County News, Youngstown, N.Y., 14 Oct 1881

Three insane persons sent from this county - Mr. Clark, Mrs. Wilson and Miss Caveno - have been pronounced incurable, and transfered from Utica to Ovid.

J. Glenn Brown, son of J. G. O. Brown of this place, will this week enter the law firm of Shiras, Van Duzee & Henderson, of Dubuque, Iowa, as a student. We understand that the ifrm ranks among the first in that State. Glenn is a young man 22 years of age, of good ability, find address, exemplary habits and high moral character. As principal of the Youngstown school he was well liked and was considered a very successful teacher. He carries with him to his new field of labor the good wishes and high hopes of his many friends.

Mrs. Frank Baker, daughter of Charles Corwin, at Porter Centre, is very sick with brain fever.

Mr. and Mrs. James Vanderlyn, of Clinton, Wis., are visiting their sister, Mrs. Sally Peet, and other relatives here.

Lewiston - Mrs. T. F. Winslow left Friday, the 8th, to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Wetherill, at Aurora, Erie Co.

The Niagara County News, Youngstown, N.Y., 21 Oct 1881

Miss Jennie L. Tower is spending the week with her grandma Mrs. S. Peet.

Miss Amy Tower, of Boston, Mass., is visiting her cousin, Mr. Geo. P. Tower, and other friends in this vicinity.

Mrs. Susan Wick, of Palmyra, Ohio, is visiting her brothers Morris and David Force, and other relatives here.

Mrs. Myron C. Watkins, of Avon, N.Y., made her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. James Canfield, a very pleasant visit last week.

Miss Nora Van Curen, of Suspension Bridge, spent Saturday and Sunday with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. S. Shippy.

Mrs. Anna L. Francis, of Bristol, N.Y., has come to spend the winter with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Baker, greatly to their delight.

While J. W. Morton, an aged citizen of Lockport, was driving on Monday, he was stricken with paralysis and fell out of his buggy. His advanced age precludes his recovery.

Mrs. Duncan McDonald, aged 70, of Shelby came to Middleport the 14 ints. to visit her daughter. In the evening she left the house to do some shopping and has not been seen since. A pair of rubbers known to have belonged to the lady were found in the canal, and it is supposed that she became confused on the streets and walked into the water.

The Niagara County News, Youngstown, N.Y., 28 Oct 1881

Mrs. Emerson spent last Saturday and Sunday at Niagara Falls with her sister, Mrs. S. Butler, who was quite ill but we are glad to say, is now much better, and we trust will be able to enjoy the remainder of her visit there.

We regret to learn that our former fellow townsman, Charles Jeffords, of Mount Pleasant, Mich., has met with a sad accident. While working a buzz saw, a splinter flew off, entering his eye, the sight of which will probably be destroyed.

Mrs. Kate M. Davis has gone to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. E. A. Mesler, at Centralia, Ill., hoping to find in a change of climate that restoration of health, which she has sought in vain here. The best wishes of a large circle of friends go with her. Her daughter, Miss Mabel, will remain here with relatives for the present.

Mrs. G. M. Swarthout, of Hemlock Lake, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hill.

Miss Luie Thompson, of Niagara, Ont., was the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thompson, over Sunday.

Mr. Martin Duffy, of Pittsburg, Pa., is visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. E. Buckley, and other friends in this vicinity.

Miss Fannie J. Hawkins, of Duxbury, Mass., who has been spending several weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Race, returned home yesterday. Mrs. R. accompanied her to the Falls.

Mrs. W. Burwell left on the 20th for St. Louis to take medical treatment, and to visit her sister, Mrs. Charlotte. Her many friends trust that she may find that relief and comfort, which she goes to seek. Any one whoever had the pleasure of her acquaintance, could not but like her, as she made herself agreeable and pleasant to all in the midst of her suffering.

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