First Annual Niagara County Pioneers' Association Meeting/Picnic

Source: Lockport Daily Journal (exact date unknown), 1878 - Not transcribed exactly, but in large part.

Opening Address of the President, Hon. John Van Horn:

Fellow Citizens, Old Pioneers and their descendents:

We assemble here this 15th day of August, 1878, to have a general county picnic, and to celebrate this, our first annual meeting of the Old Pioneer Organization, of the county of Niagara.

We meet here on this fine day, in this pleasant grove, alongside of this beautiful lake, to greet each other, to renew old associations and to make new acquaintances; to meet old friends; talk over old times and to listen to addresses from persons selected to address us, and others, as time may allow; and to have a good time generally. I am much pleased to see so many of the old pioneer settlers of the county present, in this large assembly, and pleased to see so many ladies present to give us incouragement by their presence, in making this a pleasant and enjoyable occasion. Since our meeting last year death has entered the ranks of our organization, and taken from our number the Hon. Elisha Clapp, one of our vice-presidents, representing the town and city of Lockport, in this organization. Mr. Clapp was an old settler in the town of Lockport; he came into the county a poor mechanic; was an industrious, hard working and an honest man. He filled several important town and county offices and discharged the duties of all the offices he held faithfully and honestly, to the entire satisfaction of his constituents.

Mr. Clapp died June 15th, 1878, in the 71st year of his age, leaving a wife surviving him, who was also an early resident of the town of Cambria.

Old Pioneers, Ladies and Gentlemen, one and all, I thank you for your presence and inconragement, on this, the first anniversary of our organization.

Committee appointments:

Committee on Resoultions (provided in article, but not transcribed here)

Willard A. Cobb
William Pool
Elton Ransom

Committee on Organization (select next year's officers, as given below)

Alfred C. Holmes
J. C. Hopkins
Sherbune B. Piper

Committee on death of Hon. Elisha Clapp

L. F. Bowen
Theodore Hulett
L. S. Payne

Committee appointments for the coming year

Chairman: Hon. Alfred C. Holmes
President: Franklin Spalding, Lewiston
Vice Presidents:

David Gould, Cambria
Ebenezer Seeley, Hartland
James Northam, City of Lockport
Jabez Pomroy, Town of Lockport
Peter P. Barton, Lewiston
Benjamin Stout, Newfane
Albert H. Porter, Niagara
Orrin Fisk, Pendleton
Peter Tower, Porter
David Barker, Somerset
Thos. Davison, Royalton
Harvey Miller, Wheatfield
Luther Wilson, Wilson

Secretary: Willard A. Cobb, City of Lockport

Executive Committee:

Stoughton Pettibone, Niagara
Geo. B. Townsend, Newfane
Oliver P. Scovill, Lewiston

Those listed as having made speeches:

David Barker, Somerset
J. C. Hopkins, Porter
Chipman Turner, Lockport
F. N. Albright, Olcott
Col. S. W. Torrance, Rochester
Capt. W. W. Bush, Lockport

Old residents of the county who "left their names and other valuable memoranda with Secretary Albright":

SurnameFirst Nameagesettleddatenow residing
Aikin P. B. 68 Porter 1816 Lockport
Albright F. Newton 65 Newfane 1812 Somerset
Avery George 64 Royalton 1816 Lockport
Bangham G. J. 51 Somerset 1727 [sic] Somerset
Barber Richard 70 Newfane 1822 Newfane
Barker David 84 Somerset 1815 Somerset
Barnes Thomas 67 Cambria 1811 Cambria
Beach Harvey 78 Cambria 1801 Cambria
Bowen Levi F.
Burtch Lewis 62 Newfane 1816 Cambria
Bush Getman 73 Cambria 1819 Somerset
Bush Hulda 69 Somerset 1815 Somerset
Bush W. W. 49 Lockport 1832 Lockport
Chaplin Geo. W. 63 Hartland 1812 Hartland
Chaplin Thos. J. 60 Hartland 1825 Hartland
Coats 78 Newfane 1811 Newfane
Coleman Haron [sic] 64 Somerset 1818 Somerset
Congdon Ira W. 59 Somerset 1817 Hartland
Crapsey Moses C. 76 Lockport 1822 Lockport
Cuddaback J. S. 71 Wilson 1816 Wilson
Davison D. D. 58 Royalton 1822 Royalton
Davison Thomas 87 Royalton 1822 Royalton
Edict John 76 Lockport 1837 Niagara
Edmonds B. H. 62 Hartland 1818 Lockport
Edson Wm. H. 64 Newfane 1828 Newfane
Fitts Loren 78 Somerset 1810 Somerset
Gould David 75 Lewiston 103 [sic] Cambria
Griswold Barlay 72 Hartland 18[1?]3 Lockport
Griswold James 77 Royalton 1817 Lockport
Halsey Herman 85 Cambria 1830 Wilson
Halsted Ransom 69 Newfane 1811 Newfane
Hayes Henry 56 Newfane 1816 Newfane
Hoke Jacob 66 Niagara 1828 Niagara
Holmes Alfred 74 Royalton 1815 Lockport
Holmes C. 64 Wilson 1818 Wilson
Hulett Theodore S. 67 Niagara 1833 Niagara
Johnson A. G. 69 Lockport 1825 Newfane
Kayner Henry 79 Royalton 1829 Lockport
Mather David M. 6[5?] Royalton 1830 Lockport
Mesler Absalom 65 Hartland 1823 Royalton
Millard D. C. 54 Lockport 1823 Lockport
Miller John 71 Newfane 1828 Lockport
Moody Elisha
Newman J. M. 66 Wilson 1818 Wilson
Niles Ordelia 67 Lockport 1822 Lockport
Northrop James 85 Royalton 1822 Lockprt
Paige Jared
Paige Timothy 79 Royalton 1717 [sic] Lockport
Pease Adam 69 Somerset 1817 Somerset
Pease Enoch 83 Newfane 1808 Wilson
Perry D. 84 Lockport 1825 Lockport
Razee Reuben 73 Royalton 1819 Somerset
Rogers Nathan B. 72 Lockport 1816 Lockport
Rose George P. 70 Cambria 1811 Cambria
Rott Thomas 60 Lewiston 1818 Cambria
Shaw G. V. 66 Hartland 1812 Harland
Sherman J. A. 73 Ridgeway 1813 Newfane
Simons H. B. 55 Lockport 1822 Lockport
Smith E. J. 61 Hartland 1817 Hartland
Smith Sumner C. 59 Porter 1827 Lockprt
Stahler Uriah 74 Lockport 1829 Lockport
Statton Ezra 84 Newfane 1815 Newfane
Stout Benjamin 76 Newfane 1815 Newfane
Thayer Lorenzo 67 Somerset 1830 Somerset
Thompson C. W. 69 Cambria 1818 Cambria
Tower Peter 87 Porter 1815 Porter
Underwood Spelman 81 Royalton 1819 Lockport
Van Brocklin John 77 Royalton 1827 Royalton
Van Horn Burt 54 Newfane 1823 Newfane
Van Horn Daniel 84 Newfane 1811 hartland
Van Horn John 65 Newfane 1819 Lockport
Van Horn Launey 67 Newfane 18[1?]9 Newfane
Van Wagoner Solomon 76 Somerset 1839 Lockport
Wakeman Harvey H. 56 Lockport 1828 Lockport
Warren Henry 64 Cambria 1814 Cambria
White Aliva G. 74 Royalton 1816 Lockport
Wicks Almond 75 Royalton 182[5?] Hartland
Wilson Luther 79 Wilson 1810 Wilson
Wilson Oliver 76 Wilson 1810 Wilson
Wilson Stephen 77 Somerset 1824 Newfane
Winne Moses 64 Somerset 1817 Somerset
Wischterman Gaudaloupe 75 Royalton 1820 Royalton
Witmer Joseph 65 Niagara 1812 Niagara
Young Jonas 68 Niagara 1810 Niagara