Niagara County

1897 History - Bench and Bar

The following is a list as nearly complete as it has been possible to make it of Niagara county attorneys with post-ofifice address and date of their admission to the bar. It was prepared by John E. Pound of Lockport, and will be valuable for future reference (alphabetized by transcriber):

Fred M. Ackerson, Niagara Falls
Eugene M. Ashley, Lockport, January, 1880

S. Park Baker, Youngstown
Leonard Baldwin, North Tonawanda
Harry I. Benedict, Lockport
George W. Bowen, Lockport, November, 1848
Artemas A. Bradley, Lockport, January, 1883
William W. Brim, Lockport
Daniel E. Brong, Lockport, January, 1882
Myron L Burrell, Lockport, January, 1839

R. N. Campbell, Suspension Bridge
William E. Carr, Niagara Falls
Eugene Cary, Niagara Falls, June, 1884
Frederick Chormann, Niagara Falls
M. H. Clark, Royalton
Nathan M. Clark, Lockport
T. F. C. Clary, Niagara Falls
Morris Cohn, jr , Niagara Falls
Charles E. Cromley, Niagara Falls
Richard Crowley, Lockport, December, 1860

Henry M. Davis, Lockport, January, 1882
Charles C. De Lude, Lockport, September, 1872
S. Wallace Dempsey, Lockport, January, 1886
Joseph Donelly, Lockport, October, 1875
F. A. Dudley, Niagara Falls, June, 1886
C. E. Dunkleberger, Lockport, October, 1887
W. E. Dunlap, Niagara Falls

Timothy E. Ellsworth, Lockport, December, 1858
W. Caryl Ely, Niagara Falls, May, 1881

R. A. Feagles, Lockport, June, 1875
Norman B. Fish, North Tonawanda

Amos H. Gardner, Lockport
Joshua Gaskill, Lockport, December, 1860
L. P. Gordon, Lockport, May, 1876
Selden E. Graves, Lockport, March, 1866
William C. Greene, Lockport, April, 1881
H. N. Griffith, Niagara Falls

Edward B. Harrington, North Tonawanda, March, 1889
E. C. Hart, Lockport, April, 1873
Charles Hickey, Lockport, October, 1884
Montford C. Holley, Lockport
Abner T. Hopkins, Lockport, April, 1885
M. S. Hunting, Lockport, May, 1842

Frank H. Innes, Niagara Falls
Augustus H. Ivins, Lockport

D. Elwood Jeffrey, Lockport, October, 1883
Edwin L. Jeffrey, Lockport, June, 1881
C. W, Johnson, Suspension Bridge, May, 1876
Garwood L. Judd, North Tonawanda, Fall of 1850
George W. Judson, Lockport, October, 1882

Patrick F. King, Lockport, June, 1886
J. G. Kirkpatrick, Niagara Falls
George W. Knox, Suspension Bridge

Garrett G. Lansing, Lockport
C. W. Laskey, Middleport, June, 1874
Spencer J. Lawrence, Niagara Falls
John H. Leggett, Lockport
George C. Lewis, Lockport, March, 1889
John E. Lillis, Lockport
William E. Lochner, Lockport
Wyllys Lyman, Niagara Falls

Franklin J. Mackenna, Niagara Falls
John McDonough, Lockport
Lawrence McParlin, Lockport, October, 1875
John A. Merritt, Lockport, June, 1887
David Millar, Lockport, May, 1869
Charles Molyneux, Lockport
Andrew C. Morgan, Niagara Falls
Augustus Morris, Lockport
Fred D. Moyer, Lockport, January, 1887
John T. Murray, Lockport, May, 1842

Charles L. Nichols, Lockport

William L. Olmsted, Lockport
Charles S. Orton, North Tonawanda
George P. Ostrander, Lockport, January, 1872

Edward G. Parker, Lockport, June, 1881
Q. G. T. Parker, Lockport, June, 1889
Spencer B. Parker, Niagara Falls
John K. Patton, North Tonawanda
Lewis T. Payne, North Tonawanda, April, 1886
C. H. Piper, jr., Niagara Falls
Alvah K. Potter, Lockport, October, 1865
Cuthbert W. Pound, Lockport, June, 1886
George W. Pound, Lockport, September, 1888
John E. Pound, Lockport, November 18, 1867
Augustus F. Premus, North Tonawanda

H. Gardiner Richardson, Lockport
Frank A. Ransom, Lockport
Washington H. Ransom, Lockport, May, 1867

William M. Saraw, Lockport, June, 1883
J. Boardmaii Scovell, Lewiston
H. H. Sheldon, Suspension Bridge
Albert R. Smith, North Tonawanda
Charles M. Southworth, Lockport, October 14, 1881
E. H. Southworth, Lockport
Burt G. Stockwell, Lockport
William W. Storrs, Lockport, January, 1888
Burt A. Smith, Lockport
J. Frank Smith, Lockport
P. M. Sullivan, North Tonawanda

Edward J. Taylor, Lockport, March, 1880
Augustus Thibaudeau, Niagara Falls
G. W. Thompson, Middleport
David Tice, Lockport, January, 1884
Carl Tucker, Niagara Falls
E. J. Turner, Lockport, October, 1889
George M. Tuttle, Niagara Falls

Homer J. Upson, Lockport, October, 1875

Harry Van Horn, Niagara Falls
William H. Vicary, Lockport, October, 1889

B. F. Wallace, Niagara Falls
W. C. Wallace, Niagara Falls
H. E. Warner, North Tonawanda
W. E. Willey, Suspension Bridge

It is a difficult as well as a delicate task to recall and relate the records of the many prominent lawyers who have in times past been members of the bar of Niagara county, but who are now either deceased or have removed to other places and there continued and increased their enviable reputation. Sketches of some of them have already been given, but aside from these there have been many others whose records it would be most agreeable to recall. This we cannot do. We must content ourselves with giving their names. Among them there may be mentioned as at present living not now residing in the county (alphabetized by transcriber):

Frank M. Ashley
A. A. Boyce
William J. Bulger
John M. Chipman

Isaac C. Colton
Hon. George W. Cothran
Hon. Jacob A Driess
Edward C. Graves

Hon. George C. Greene
Don A. Porter
Charles K. Robinson
Elias Root

Henry D. Scripture
W. Byron Simson
Alfred S. Trude

Among those who have deceased we recall the names of (alphabetized by transcriber):

Alvin C. Bradley
Andrew W. Brazee
R. Hudson Bond
Samuel Brown
John H. Buck
Sullivan Caverno
Joseph Centre
Lafayette Chaffee
Dewitt Chapin
Samuel DeVeaux

William S. Farnell
Freeman J. Fithian
James F. Fitts
Seth C. Hart
John B. Heroy
Henry K. Hopkins
Mark Hopkins
Ben J. Hunting
Charles D. Metz
Joseph C. Morse

S. Cady Murray
Luman H. Nichols
Sylvester Parsons
Sherburne B. Piper
De Forest Porter
Frank A. Ransom
Schuyler Reynolds
Elias Safford
Sparrow S. Sage

Milton Seaman
Volney Simson
Albert Stevens
Robert H. Stevens
Homer H. Stewart
Horatio J. Stowe
Charles Williams
John S. Williams
Samuel Wisner

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