Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Mt. Calvary Cemetery is located west of the Lockport Union Sun and Journal building (Lockport's newspaper)on the south side of Summit Street, Lockport, New York.

Jeffery P. Degnan, of Lockport, NY has been working on the repair of this cemetery, for the past eight years. Since Mr. Degnan's involvement in this project, he has been able to have the site cleared of brush and overgrown trees, headstones replaced and repaired, and records updated of those buried at Mount Calvary. It is Mr. Degnan's work that brings you the updated list of names of the people buried here.

I am keying the list. If there are any typographical errors that I made, please do not hesitate to let me know so that I may correct them immediately.

Acton, Antonius

Bannin, James

Barrett, Jeremiah
Barrett, John

Berry, John
Berry, Mary

Boyle, Patrick

Brown, Ellen
Brown, William T.

Buckley, Mrs. Mary

Burns, Mary

Cahill, Bridget
Cahill, Patrick

Clark, Hugh

Conner, Hugh
Conner, Mary d. 18 August 1861, wife of Miles
Conner, Miles d. 5 January 1866, 68 yrs.

Conway, Eliza
Conway, Matthias

Cook, Matthias

Corbett, Denis d. 4 June 1863, 53 yrs. 3 mos.
Corbett, Margaret d. 4 December 1863, 46 yrs., wife of Denis
Corbett, Michael
Corbett, William

Crowley, Margaret

Denvir, Ellen Fitzsumons, d. 5 November 1879, 73 yrs., wife of William Denvir
Denvir, Sarah E.
Denvir, William d. 12 February 1881

Dockery, Mary E.

Dodge, Catharine

Doran, Edward d. 3 November 1861, 40? yrs.

Downey, Electa C.

Doyal, Patrick

Duggan, Elizabeth

Dunnigan, Anistacia

Dunphy, Bridget
Dunphy, Kearn

Fabing, Bridget

Fermoil, Patrick

Fews, Margaret

Fitzgerald, Johanna
Fitzgerald, Thomas H.
Fitgerald, William

Galloher, Patrick

Garraghty, John

Gillis, Thomas

Gleason, Hugh d. December 1888, 54 yrs., Co. A 140th Reg't. NY Vol
Gleason, Thomas

Grattan, Lawrence

Grimes, Hannah
Grimes, John

Hackett, Sr., Francis
Hackett, Jr., Francis
Hackett, Katharine

Hagarty, Mary Jane

Haanan, Ann

Hemmer, Mary

Hennessy, Patrick

Hickey, Margaret

Hiland, Mary 1838-1908?
Hiland, Peter 1848-187

Kealy, Thomas

Kelly, John
Kelly, William

Keville, Thomas

Lanahan, Mary d. January 1862, wife of Peter Byrne

Lardner, Maria S.
Lardner, Mary Ann
Lardner, Thomas

Latines, Peter Frank

Mack, Hannah
Mack, Thomas

Madden, Eliza

Mahoney, Florence

Maloy, Bridget

Manaback, Peter

Maquire, Charles d. 15 April 1863, 24 yrs. 6 mos., Fell in Battle at Suffolk, VA

Markley, Dennis

Maroney, Martin

Martin, Daniel
Martin, Katie

McCarthy, Hannah
McCarthy, William

McCluskey, James 1815-1852

McCormick, Thomas

McGravy, Mary
McGravy, William

Sullivan, Matthew
Sullivan, Matthew

Tinney, Ellen

Turner, Catharine

Walsh, Antony
Walsh, Patrick

Whalen, Martin

Wright, Francis T.

Update: March 22, 1998

The above list is work compiled by Jeffery P. Degnan of Lockport, NY and a very small number of graves stones I read at the cemetery (About 15). I only note this because some of the names I wrote down are not found on Mr. Degnan's list.

The following names and data are from headstones I read at the Mount Calvary Cemetery on October 25, 1997.

Susie Caffery, l yr.
John Caffery, 6 yrs.
Elizabeth Condon, d. 18 October 1873, 13 yrs. 6 mos., d/o William and Elizabeth
Margaret Denvir, 65 yrs., mother of William Denvir

Martin, John

Mary McCluskey, 1830-1888)

James McMullen, d. 29 September 1865, 63 yrs.

Ellen Mulvey, d. 16 February 1825 or 1875, 65 yrs.

Catharine Mehan, d. 6 February 1871, 68 yrs.
Michael Mehan, d. 5 August 1871, 62 yrs.

James O'Conner, d. at Olcott 31 October 1859, s/o Thomas & Sarah

Matthew Power, 12 November 1852, 65 yrs.

Bridget Slattery, d. 16 January 1860

Michael Slattery, d. 2 July 1872, Co. B 105th Reg't. NY Vol.